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    Explaining stuff

    August 19, 2014 by Edsta

    I haven't been on this wiki in like...A year I guess.

    That would be because...I just grew bored of this place and felt like I needed to try something different

    Now, I am a regular on The Vesti on IGN and find enjoyment in meeting nice people and expressing my views

    I'm keeping my talk page and archived because...I don't know

    Nice to see you all again and this is not 'I'VE RETURNED, SEND THE MESSEGE' blog

    I admit, I have been a brat before and I apologise.

    Edsta (SkywardNord)

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  • Edsta

    Why I might not do the TF2!

    September 13, 2013 by Edsta

    Title is self-explanatory!

    I might not do the TF2 tournament for the time being as it's causing some problems to my laptop which is making me stressed.First,Steam is causing my family laptop to have some slowdown issues as evident from were I play Team Fortress 2 which is the main reason for my stress.Also,It would be unfair advantage for everyone else but me (and Willaca for that matter) as yet again,I have lag! Secondly,The TF2 tournament will be held at a later date once I get a PC at maybe,Christmas time so this is going to be a long time until the Tournament can begin.

    Sorry for any inconvinence!

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  • Edsta

    If you have Steam and a member of the Sonic News Network group on Steam then you probably seen this already!

    Now that we have a Steam group,I thought it would be a good idea to have a commerative tournament on TF2 where we battle each other in the two respective teams.Nine players a side will be one of the nine classes so say I would be the only Pyro in the Red Team!

    Now here is some rules I am proposing! Rule 1:Join SNN Steam group and download TF2(It's free,If you already have TF2 then skip to Rule 2) Rule 2:Sign up on a following Blog post on SNN Rule 3:Pick a team Rule 4:Battle

    I know not much people have Steam but I thought this would be a nice addition to our Wikis' traditions!


    Aww Dang,Now the text is grey!

    1. Scout:ZionWWBU2001
    2. Soldier:Bul…

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  • Edsta

    Upcoming One-Shot Comic?

    August 29, 2013 by Edsta


    As my computer is downloading GIMP I thought about what comic I should do?

    I did a comic a while back but it serverd no relevence to Sonic whatsoever (More Street Fighter really!)

    I sit here thinking what should be done that is new and original?I mean,MurphyShane did Mobiusbound which I thought was histerical (as is Earthbound) so I think I should start bringing in what I can do to entertain you (That rhymed Tee-Hee)

    So I'll be starting comics soon!


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  • Edsta

    Well,I'm back after discovering new game franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry which lead me to having a Awsomeness-induced coma.First and Formost,I'm back!

    While starting to watch Nintendo Direct,Satora Iwata anounced a Sega game...that's right,a Sega game and boy was I comfused when he anounced a new Sonic game.Whilst pausing the video,I decided to look at the picture and It got me curious.Just what was this game about?

    I then thought "Well if this is a Wii U game then maybe it will be a Puzzle Platformer" because of the hexagons but then I thought I was left thinking as I played Mega Man X2.

    Then we got the Trailer...Which blew me away.Right from the get go,I knew this was gonna be like a Sega Mega Drive  game!

    When th…

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