Right,so I'm gonna give you a review on some of the games on my SNES.

The Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past

This...Game...Is...AMAZING.It's a pretty good way to introduce me to the series.From my view,It's the best game i have.

Super Mario Kart

I must say this games alright but It's a bit slippy.I love the music espically Rainbow Road.

Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World

A fun game to play and it's made me rethink my hatred towords the little plumber


Some Blatant Starfox ripoff

Illusion of Time/Gaia

Yet to play but i here it's a good game

Mystic Quest Legends

Isn't this game in the Final Fantasy Series?

Tetris + Doctor Mario

Fun to play

So yeah...Thats my SNES games...

Games I will Get


Donkey Kong Country

Street fighter 2



TMNT:Turtles in time

Super Metroid

Well...Comment what you think about my collection.