Well,I'm back after discovering new game franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry which lead me to having a Awsomeness-induced coma.First and Formost,I'm back!

While starting to watch Nintendo Direct,Satora Iwata anounced a Sega game...that's right,a Sega game and boy was I comfused when he anounced a new Sonic game.Whilst pausing the video,I decided to look at the picture and It got me curious.Just what was this game about?

I then thought "Well if this is a Wii U game then maybe it will be a Puzzle Platformer" because of the hexagons but then I thought I was left thinking as I played Mega Man X2.

Then we got the Trailer...Which blew me away.Right from the get go,I knew this was gonna be like a Sega Mega Drive  game!

When the Deadly Six were revealed,I ADORED their design! They look very threatning but yet quirky and strange with a hint of their own personality which will probably lead to some comic situations.My hat goes off to whoever designed that pink one because it just looks like they designed them over their personality so the pink guy just looks insane.  Speaking about design,This game looks amazing! Like I said before,The game looks cartoonish with a touch of a level that came out of a Sega Mega Drive.From what I've heard from IGN,I think Sega have taken full oputunity of the Wii U Gamepad's control and that's a must with a game.I also see the Wisps are back...To be honest,I saw the Wisps as a one trick pony (As so did someone else who commented on a Cobanermani456 video) but seeing them back really suprised me but I think Sega need to come up with new Wisps for this game.

This game has got me wanting a Wii U even more (First,It was Rayman Legends,Then it was Wind Waker HD and now this)