Ok! I Don't hate Sally Acorn. I am a fan Sally and a fan of SonSal more than SonAmy (Though i like both couples and more a TailsAmy fan).

Sally Acorn Yardley

Why do you hate this character?

A lot you have "I hate Sally Acorn or i hate SonSal" userboxs and a lot of you who have a top most disliked characters/most disliked things list you put her some around the top. So I Am Asking YOU. Thats Right. YOU! Why to hate Sally Acorn in the coments below.

BTW: I am doing this in total interst. Even have much you will try hard to persuade me in to hating this characters it will not work.

P.S: If you want to you shes a that B word. Just say "Shes a Female Dog" instead. sounds a lot nicer dose it? DOSE IT!?