After Gil winning Anime Idol and becoming at the top of almost everything, his wife Molly, Bob The Builder's assistant Wendy, And Tails wife and friend Cosmo and Cream are not only auditioning but are convincing him to return.


Part 1

(It's been a tiny bit long since Gil [or as people call him Gilligan Creed] had won Anime Idol season 10. In fact after he won he made it to the top of almost any chart and sold almost 3,000,000 of his first album. His Friend Miles Tails Prower (which is Tails for short) chose to not audition for season 11 cause of tough sickness and elimination in Hollywood and Anime City that happened to him. But he was very happy for Gil. They are friends so Gil visits Tails city a lot so Tails can be there and will support him.)

(Back where Bob The Builder is his asistant Wendy during season 10 of Anime Idol watches it a lot and had a mother like crush on Tails. So she was a fan of Anime Idol and Miles Prower. She thought about auditioning for the show cause she might look like another Carrie Underwood, and also hoped that Tails was gonna come back.)

(Gil had to make it up to his wife Molly, his other friends, and his teacher by sending Molly a letter telling her to audition for season 11 and an 1 copy of his first album. She was surprised and thought that he was right if Gil did it why can't Molly.)

October 2012:

(Tails Wife and Friend Cosmo and Cream got news. They get to audition for Anime Idol season 11. These two also had great voices. Though Tails wasn't there for this but he knew that Cosmo and Cream can sing. Cosmo, Cream, Sonic, and the gang didn't understand why Tails wasn't here to hear this.)

Sonic: What's wrong buddy? You seem quiet.

Tails: Uh nothing i just need to rest.

Sonic: Oh uh ok

Cosmo: But Tails.

Cream: Aren't you happy that me and Cosmo get to audition?

Tails: Of course i am. You two might be able to replace me.

Cosmo: Wait What.

Tails: OOPS nevermind (yawns)

(None of Tails and Gil's friends knew they auditioned for Anime Idol and that Gil won and That Tails didn't want to audition again. But will the judges know who Miles Prower is and try to get him to tryout again?)

To Be Continued