After Gil winning Anime Idol and becoming at the top of almost everything, his wife Molly, Bob The Builder's assistant Wendy, And Tails wife and friend Cosmo and Cream are not only auditioning but are convincing him to return.


Part 2

October 2012:

(As they went to the auditions Sonic was surprised that Sally was auditioning also. He went to her and she was surprised and presented his friends to her. So it was Sally's turn and she had made it then she mentioned his friends Cosmo and Cream to the judges so they have them next and let Sonic and Knuckles be there for them while Tails is talking to the host hoping the judges won't recognize him.)

Host: Isn't it your turn to?

Tails: Well not this year no.

Host: Oh. So you are not auditioning.

Tails: I am not auditioning this year.

(Meanwhile in the audition room)

Judges: Hi wow how are you two?

Cream: Were good

Cosmo: Were very good

Judges: Uh i know you didn't audition last year but weren't you Cosmo married to a fox?

Cosmo: Uh yes Tails.

Judges: Well that's his nickname what's his real name?

Sonic: Oh Miles

Judges: Oh yeah Miles well where is he?

Cosmo: Well he's out there waiting for me.

Judges: Is he wait is he auditioning next?

Cream: Uh no Miles is not auditioning

Judges: WHAT but he almost made it last year.

Knuckles: WHAT WAIT he was auditioning last year?

Judges: Yes look over here he was here last year but almost made it to the top 24 are you kidding me now he's not auditioning this year.

Sally: I cannot believe this

Judges: Yeah uh Sonic as we remember you are Miles buddy so how about you go get him.

Sonic: Sure i will

(Sonic and Knuckles walks to the door smiling.)

Tails: Huh

Sonic: The judges told us everything buddy.

Tails: Oh No

Knuckles: Come on you auditioned last year.

Judges: Miles Dude come on

Tails: What

Judges: You're not auditioning you almost made it last year.

Tails: It was close very hard.

Judges: Like it was hard to go through what happened last year.

Tails: You guys experienced it first handed it was aweful.

Judges: For me it was it was terrible.

Amy: I'd be happy if you did it again.

Bunnie: Yeah then we'd have 4 people going through.

Judges and gang: Yeah Miles come on

Tails: I just i don't know

Judges: How about this first Cream, then Cosmo, then Sally, then Miles, here we go.

(So Cream, Cosmo, and Sally went and then it was Miles turn)

Judges: Alright Miles let's go

Tails: Oh come on really

Cosmo: Please Tails for me and Cream Please.

Judges: Come on do it for your wife Miles come on make us feel stupid for last year.

(After he did a David Cook song the gang were on their feet and Cream and Cosmo ran to him.)


Sally: Great Job There whoo

Cream: Excellent

Cosmo: That was amazing

Tails: Thanks

All 3 Judges: Were having all 4 of you come on.

(Tails acted happy on the outside but wasn't happy that he made it to anime city again on the inside.)

(Meanwhile back in bubbletucky the guppies and Grouper watched Gil's songs and music videos and were surprised and excited.)

2 Days Later:

(The judges went to Bob the Builders Place and Wendy made it to anime city with a nice audition hoping that Miles would be back. But would Molly make it too?

To Be Continued