The story of how Bubble Guppy Gil & Sonic The Hedgehog's Buddy Tails got into singing.


  • (Gilligan Creed) Gil
  • (Miles Tails Prower)
  • (Molleena Creed) Molly
  • (Host Of Anime Idol)
  • Deema
  • Oona
  • Mr Grouper
  • (Judges)

Final Part

June 26 2012:

(Back in Bubbletucky his friends were playing after cleaning Gil's Not Happening Party except Molly who really misses Gil.

Mr.Grouper: Don't you wanna play with your friends Molly?

Molly: Sorry Mr.Grouper i do but i really miss Gil.

Mr.Grouper: Oh i see.

Oona: I agree i mean why would somebody leave their Birthday Party or their friends for something very important?

Mr.Grouper: Well if it's important then he must be telling us how important it is.

Deema: I know but he has been gone for a few days now.

Goby: Let's just make sure that he's ok.

June 27 2012:

(In anime city Gil still continued to impress the judges. At the end of June Gil now in the top 3 he gets to visit his home town.)

July 3 2012:

(Gil's back in Bubbletucky for 1 visit but after his day he still never ever told his friends plus he never saw them.)

July 6 2012:

(Gil performs 3 more times)

July 7 2012:

(Gil finally makes it to the finale.)

July 15 2012:

(His last 3 performances for his chance to win were Gone, love you this big, and could not ask for more. Tails watching at home praying it would be good for Gil.)

July 16 2012:

(It was the big finale. Gil performs Free Falling with the legendary John Mayer. Tails watching Gil at home.) It was time for the final results. There was silence.)

Host: After the vote the winner of anime idol season 10 is. (5 sec later) GILLIGAN CREED.

(The audience cheers excitedly and Gil's heart beats thinking what just happened to him.)

Host: Anything you wanna say.

Gil: Wow it's like been 1 year since i tried out and i like to thank everyone, my fans, the thought of my friends, and most of all the thought of my friend Tails too he helped me mostly.

(Tails feeling happy for him.)

Tails: You too Gil you too.

Gil sings 1 last time as the 10th anime idol. But will Tails come back to audition and will Gil's and Tails friends find out that they were on idol. If you want to find out what happens be sure to read the Bubble Guppy/Fox Prower 2nd Story.