The time they had a fun vacation and Cosmo came back to Tails.



(At Tails workshop he's taking a vacation from working on machines. Sonic's not shocked though he knew eggman isn't up to anything.)

Sonic: How about for a few days spend lots of time at the beach, getting food (mostly chilly dogs), and bowling.

Tails: Ok Sonic i also just have give my plant water.

Sonic: PLANT (looks at the flower) Oh i remember i gave you 1 of Cosmo's seeds.

Tails: Yes

Sonic: Do you bet Cosmo is gonna come back now that the flower is grown and bloomed.

Tails: Oh Sonic (giggles)

Sonic: Heh yeah sorry about that.

Tails: No i mean well that would take years and i'm just not so sure she would come back.

Sonic: Oh ok that probably is true.

(They head off to the beach where everyone's at.)

Charmy: Hey Knuckles don't get a tan again.

(Everyone laugh's hard)

Knuckles: Ha ha very funny (whispers) Do something Tails.

Tails: (whispers) What do you want me to do.

Knuckles: (whispers) I want you to remove Charmy's laces on his swimming suit and don't worry he's always a sleeper.

Tails: Oh boy ok

(So Tails does exactly that and about 13 min later.)

Charmy: (yawns) Hey what did i miss (pants fall off) (gasps) YAAAHHHH.

(Everyone laughs harder.)

Knuckles: I told Tails to do it.

(Knuckles and Tails high 5 eachother.)

(Sonic forgets his sun screen so he runs back to Tails workshop to get it. Then he hears a sound and looks at the flower.)


(The flower glows then it explodes. Then the shine went off and Cosmo Appeared.)

Sonic: WHAT am i seeing things or is this really wow.

Cosmo: Hello Sonic it really is me. (Walks over to sonic) Are you surprised.

Sonic: Uh heh yes but how is this happening?

Cosmo: After you gave Tails the seed i then started to expand a tiny bit.

Sonic: I guess your old family understaned how much you missed us.

Cosmo: Yep i'll explain the rest later but now where are we?

Sonic: Tails Workshop

Cosmo: Oh but where is Tails.

Sonic: He and i are spending time at the beach with the others.

(They head over to the beach and then Tails frozed up with his eyes opened and Cosmo smiles.)

Tails: Is that you?

Cosmo: It sure is Tails. (Walks over and hugs Tails) I missed you so much.

Tails: Wow i missed you too. (Hugs back)

Knuckles: Bingo

Sonic: Bingo indeed

To Be Continued