The time they had a fun vacation and Cosmo came back to Tails.



(After the beach everybody went home getting ready to go bowling. While getting ready for bowling Tails and Cosmo were chatting.)

Cosmo: I haven't seen you since you defeated the metarex.

Tails: Yeah I've been remembering you and Watering that flower all day.

Cosmo: I was wondering about that but i thought you'd forget me and i was worried.

Tails: Don't worry i've always been remembering you i would never forget every memory about you you're like important part of my memories.

Cosmo: (smiles) Oh (Grabs Tails Into A Hug) Thanks

(At 5 pm they went to AMF for some bowling.)

Cosmo: Nice Place.

Amy: Yeah even better it's always Tails who gets all the strikes.

Cosmo: So you never had a gutter.

Tails: Nope people call me a champion.

Vector: Yeah but were not jealous.

Cream: Of course not were just getting help from Tails.

Vanilla: I'm just happy i got some time off just to have a few fun with you.

(Cream's mother Vanilla never had time to have fun with Cream and the rest of the gang. But now she's out of work so she can spend her break with them but now is happy that Cosmo came back.)

Cream: I'm happy that you're watching us bowl mom.

Vanilla: Indeed and i'm also glad that Cosmo you came back.

Cosmo: Yeah it's good to be back.

(So Vector starts, then Knuckles, Then Charmy, Then Sonic, Then Cream, Then Amy, Now Tails was up ounce again another strike. At the end of the first game it was Tails with 6 strikes and 5 spares, Sonic and Knuckles with 2 spares and 2 strikes. Cream and Amy with 2 spares and 3 strikes, and Vector and Charmy with no strikes and no spares. The one with the most gutters was Charmy.)

Charmy: You know maybe one more game for me cause i'm still not trained.

(Everyone laughed)

Sonic: Man what a baby

Knuckles: HA Ha yeah

Vector: I go six more

Amy: Oh brother

(After 3 more games it was the same score and Charmy was done but everyone continued and the score was the same except Cream and Amy. Their score were 6 spares and 3 strikes. And Vector was done. Their scores after 3 more games were the same except Sonic and Knuckles. Their score was 4 spares 3 strikes. They were now done and then asked Cosmo To play one game with Tails. Tails tought her everything about bowling and after their game Cosmo got 4 strikes and 3 spares and Tails got 4 spares and 8 strikes.)

Cosmo: That was great Tails you're a pro at this.

Tails: Thanks

(They all went home and at the end of the day Tails finally got a chance to sleep with Cosmo.)

To Be Continued