The time they had a fun vacation and Cosmo came back to Tails.



(The next day Tails and Cosmo woke up finding out what the calender says. Sonic planned more vacations.)

Cosmo: Oh goodness is Sonic crazy?

Tails: Don't know but i believe he would get crazy if had more food AND MOSTLY CHILLY DOGS.

Cosmo: Wow (laughs)

(They and the others went to hungry howies for more food. Sonic yet again gets a few chilly dogs, Knuckles gets a chicken salad, Vector gets sausage only {meaning no actual sausage pizza}, Charmy gets well just pizza {meaning no cheese just sauce}, Amy, Cream, and Cheese got a regular salad, Cosmo and Vanilla got a regular cheese pizza, and Tails got a pepperoni pizza with cheesy breadsticks.)

Vanilla: Oh goodness i hope we've got enough for tonight's arcade.

Sonic: No worries we've got like $6,700 left.

Amy: (confused) How did we get that much money?

Sonic: Hey guess what we'll never know heh heh hey.


Tails: Forget it Amy Sonic's just ready for more chilly dogs.

Amy: OOHH good thinking and good insult Tails.

(Everyone Ooohhh's and Cosmo giggles. After hungry howies Sonic heads over to Tails Workshop with him and Cosmo to get ready for tonight's arcade)

Sonic: Oh shrimp we forgot the closing Olympics ceremony.

Tails: I taped it

Sonic: Oh then nevermind

(At the arcade Cosmo watches Sonic and Tails play eachother in hockey, Charmy and Vector played eachother in arcade basketball, Knuckles did skeeball, Cream, Cheese, and Amy did the car ride, and Vanilla always wanted to get Cream a prize but right now it was time.)

Sonic: Ha pay up Tails cause you got stumped again.

Tails: Yeah but again we didn't bet.

Sonic: Dang i gotta remember that next time.

(Vector and Charmy were tied in basketball. At the end of the arcade Tails and Cosmo had so much fun at the end they looked at eachother for 10 sec then their faces got closer and closer until they announce they're gonna close. So they held hands together. Next up for the gang is Miami Beach Florida.)

To Be Continued