The time they had a fun vacation and Cosmo came back to Tails.



(4 days have passed and now the gang was at Miami Beach Florida. Everyone lays their towels on ground and Tails gets sitiuated. As all of them except Sonic and Knuckles go into water while Sonic and Knuckles rest for that moment. Well Knuckles rested while Sonic was being chased again by Amy. Vanilla puts on sunscreen before she could join Cream and Cheese in the water. Tails 2 tails couldn't stop splashing. At least he wasn't splashing Cosmo. It was Vector who kept stealing the umbrella's. Cream, Cheese, and Amy ran to Sonic.)



Cosmo: Oh deer somebody is caught by 2 women (giggles).

Charmy: Yep

Vector: Who imagines?

Tails: Imagine what?

Vector: Nevermind

(They were crazy at the beach. After the beach Tails and Cosmo again looked into eachothers eyes and their heads went closer and closer until Sonic interrupts again.)

Sonic: Alright buddy let's go find our hotels.

(So Cosmo and Tails held hands again. At their hotel Vanilla, Cheese, Cream, and Amy shared a room, Charmy and Vector shared a room, Sonic and Knuckles shared a room, and Tails and Cosmo shared a room. They then went to get food except Sonic who yet again brought chilly dogs. Charmy, Amy, and Vanilla both got eggs, Cream, Cheese, and Knuckles got bacon, Knuckles also got baked beans, Vector and Cosmo also got baked beans, and Tails got eggs, bacon, baked beans, and rice.)

Cosmo: Oh i hope you don't you're tummy Tails.

Tails: Hey don't worry Cosmo my tummy never hurts.

(After food all of them except Vanilla went to out of this world party. They danced like crazy. Tails rocks it on the dance floor. Cream and Amy show beautiful ballet, Knuckles, Charmy, and Vector well they can't dance. Sonic also rocks the dance floor but not as good as Tails. And Cosmo wanted to do a lovely duet with Tails so she pulls his arms.)

Cosmo: Do you think you can dance the cha cha cha?

Tails: (softly) I think so if you're ready.

Cosmo: (giggles) I'm sure i'm ready.

(Their dance got a standing ovation and they all went back to the hotel after the party. As they all got into bed Tails and Cosmo looked at eachother.)

Tails: So goodnight.

Cosmo: (Kisses him on the lips) Goodnight

(Sonic is now planning New York City)

To Be Continued