The time they had a fun vacation and Cosmo came back to Tails.



(The gang goes from Miami to New York City. And they all know it was Sonic cause he plans every vacation he could think of. Tails and Knuckles didn't pack a lot instead they decide together they don't need a lot of clothing for new york despite being here for 1 day. They go to broadway for The Lion King Play.)

Cosmo: Is this play a very good play? Cause a few years ago i saw the actual movie and it was the wildebeest i didn't expect that.

Tails: Well it was a movie so the people that do the play promised that those people would never ever fall off and screw up on stage.

(As they walk in the place that the play was gonna be and since they had time before the play began they got some things from the play just to support the actors. The play then took a break so the gang took a 15 min break before the play continued. Everyone except Tails and Cosmo went to the restrooms. The two of them already went to the restroom before the play. They now go to get a drink of water. The two on there way back then looked at eachother and again their faces went closer then tails was in someones way. Then there heads went closer and closer then Knuckles calls.)

Knuckles: Are you two coming?

Tails: Yeah sorry. Come on the play starts in 6 min.

Cosmo: Oh ok

(So the two held hands again. After the rest of the play Sonic Tried to fix his hearing aid.)

Sonic: Man if i had to go to a play i'd bring my ear plugs.

Vector: Oh yeah right.

(Everyone laughed)

(As nighttime rolled on the gang went to take photos of The Statue Of Liberty. They used cameras that zoom in more than other cameras. After taking a few photos Tails and Cosmo sat on a bench together all relaxed.)

Cosmo: It looks very beautiful from here and even the stars too.

Tails: Yeah it sure does look really really pretty.

(They sat there for 4 sec then as Tails continued to look at the stars and the statue Cosmo looks at him for 5 sec, smiles, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and puts her arms around his neck. Tails puts his arms around her back. Sonic plans only 1 more vacation. Puerto Rico)

To Be Continued