The time they had a fun vacation and Cosmo came back to Tails.



(The last stop for the gang is Puerto Rico. As they went to a hawian resturaunt Tails, Sonic, Cosmo, Amy, Cheese, Vanilla, and Cream had sunglasses. The others couldn't see from the sun they just didn't think about glasses.)

Knuckles: THAT DOES IT does anyone have an extra pair of sunglasses.

Sonic: Nope

Knuckles: Darn

(As they went to eat Sonic, Knuckles, and Vanilla got volcanoes, Amy, Cream, and Cosmo got apple pie, Vector, and Charmy got gingerales, and Cheese, and Tails got fresh french fries {in fact 4 orders of fresh french fries apparently}. After there food they went to the arcade for prizes. Nobody except Tails won 2 prizes. He got the Xbox 360 on the huge crane, and the Nintendo 3DS as a major prize on the stacker game.)

Knuckles: How is it that you got the most and we can't get better at these arcade games.

Tails: Glad you ask ha ha i used a lot of skill i just knew what was coming.

(After the arcade everyone got ready and went to the beach. They set up there volleyball net and the rule which Tails couldn't except was never fly while playing. They found flying cheating and since Tails kept flying he finally chose not to play. Cosmo and Cheese went to relax with him after Cosmo got a few shells and made them into a neckalace.)

Cosmo: So how do i look?

Tails: (almost completly hypnotize) You look fantastic.

Cosmo: Oh (blushes and chuckles) Thank you.

(They stayed there the whole night a watched some fireworks and Tails and Cosmo kept staying close to eachother. 6 days later they were finally home at midnight. The next day Cosmo went up to look at the pond then Tails showed up 4 sec later.)

Cosmo: Oh hi Tails.

Tails: Hey oh man was it great going to Puerto Rico, New York, and Miami FL.

Cosmo: Yes it was a day i will never forget. Though the only memories i can remember are the funny ones And mostly the ones with you in it.

Tails: Huh

(They both stand up and walked to eachother.)

Cosmo: Every memory that i remember from that trip and the journey to defeating the metarex had you in it Tails.

Tails: (smiles and wraps one arm around her.) I guess maybe there might be another memory you want me to be in.

Cosmo: Yep and this is how i wanna remember this memory.

(They went closer and closer and then Cosmo's lips touched Tails lips and they wrap there arms around eachother. Sonic and Amy were watching and hearing the whole thing.)

Amy: See Sonic and you just don't wanna try it with me.

Sonic: Well i also don't wanna do better either so bye bye.


(Amy chases Sonic again and Tails and Cosmo kept kissing until half the afternoon. Tails and Cosmo get married 2 months later.)