• Erenthecheetah1

    Name: Eren Age: 15 Specieces: Cheetah Fur color: Dark Yellow Eye color: Blue Gender: Male Likes: Fighting,Eating,Saving the world Dislikes: Evil,Bordome,Being Hungry Friends:Sonic,Tails,Amy ect. Enemies:Eggman,Team Hooligan ect. Family:Unknown Rival: Lightning Lynx Personality:Nice,Funny,Headstrong Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Ramen Abillites: Spindash,Walljump,Homing attack Skills: Duel Weilding Daggers Weapons: Emerald and Ruby Daggers BestFriends: Chaotix,Knuckles,Team Freedom Fighters Job: Second Class Chaotix(Second Class Chaotix was formed by The Original Chaotix. its purpose is to allow trainees to work together to complete mission's

    Bio: Eren Was Raised by Locke And was practicly Knuckles's brother. Eren Was abandon by his f…

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