Name: Eren Age: 15 Specieces: Cheetah Fur color: Dark Yellow Eye color: Blue Gender: Male Likes: Fighting,Eating,Saving the world Dislikes: Evil,Bordome,Being Hungry Friends:Sonic,Tails,Amy ect. Enemies:Eggman,Team Hooligan ect. Family:Unknown Rival: Lightning Lynx Personality:Nice,Funny,Headstrong Favorite Color: Green Favorite Food: Ramen Abillites: Spindash,Walljump,Homing attack Skills: Duel Weilding Daggers Weapons: Emerald and Ruby Daggers BestFriends: Chaotix,Knuckles,Team Freedom Fighters Job: Second Class Chaotix(Second Class Chaotix was formed by The Original Chaotix. its purpose is to allow trainees to work together to complete mission's

Bio: Eren Was Raised by Locke And was practicly Knuckles's brother. Eren Was abandon by his family and left on his own at age 5. He was tooken in and trained for an uprising event involving ancestors of Knuckles.