Yeah....Because I ended up posting a blog 3 times, I was blocked from the Site.

Sorry about that. For some reason, you can't have a post that's similar to a post.

The post was on "The National Anthem being changed to City Escape". APPARENTLY, someone didn't like that, & deleted it. Then it happened another 2 times. Then I got blocked.

It was fine, but that means it will NOW take me forever to get the "Wave the Swallow" badge!!!! When I got blocked, THAT was the only thing I was nervous about losing.

Update for me on the Wikia:

  • After the 14-day badge earning, I might stay for a while.
  • While I was blocked, I made a DeviantArt page. There's a possible chance I might be on there more than here.
  • I might make a post on my Sonic Drawings.
  • I promised to NEVER make another blog on a post....unless if it's EVERY Sonic petition, then that's an exception.

That's all for now.