Some of you already know about my 1st Sonic FanFic: Sonic Boom Bloopers. If you don't, click here:

Right now, I'm currently looking for ideas for chapters 31-52. They will be based on episodes 31-52. I'm also looking for some co-authors that can help me with the story.

Also, I'm looking for a good poster I can use for the story on, & on the SBB Folder on DeviantArt. I'll only pick 20 Deviants, then 15, 10, 5, & 3. For the one I pick, I'll mention you in a future chapter.

Here's some info on the story so far:

  • Chapter 31 will be out on Halloween.
  • Chapters 32-36 will be out later this year.
  • The characters ages are moved back 1 year on, while on DeviantArt, it's 2 years. (Note: Sticks' age for Sonic Boom will be 11. On, she'll be 10, while on DeviantArt, she'll be 9. You get the idea.)
  • The location is Hollywood, not Bygone Island.
  • Sonic, Amy, & Tails' personality will be normal, Knuckles is dumber, & Sticks is a badger who likes ---- LOVES technology!
  • Chapter 29 marks the start of OC characters; Fixer the Fox from FixersChannel will be used as Tails's twin brother.
  • Unlike Sonic Boom in which every episode's a standalone (even though past episodes are referenced), this story will reference past chapters.

I'm really desparate for some helpers for my first FanFic. For anyone that helps out in any of the chapters, I'll mention you in the chapter. Hope this works. I'll be on here checking here very often for helpers/ideas. Until then, thanx for reading!