After looking through all 52 episodes of Sonic Boom, I noticed a few things that I can't seem to answer. Maybe you people might know the answer to these.

1: In Cowbot, Knuckles used to live on Angel Island. If Knuckles now lives on Bygone Island, who's guarding the Master Emerald?

2: Is Angel Island in the ocean by now?

3: Any reason why Sticks doesn't trust techology?
Why dose sonic sits next to amy by blackotakuz-d992ttf

Question #4

4: We're not sure if the producers are doing this on purpose. Why does Sonic ALWAYS stand/sit next to Amy? This happens twice, but with Tails & Sticks.
Sonic boom buster by sonamy115-d86pkhc

Question #5

5: In Buster, the picture show on the right. This scene bugs me alot! Espiacally for Tails. Why's Tails sitting on the couch like that? That's not how you sit on a couch!!!! Also, it looks like he could fall at any moment.

6: Does the Unnamed Village have a real name?

7: Are we sure Tails & Sticks are friends? The wikia itself says: "Sticks is one of Tails' teammates & a close friend, though there is an opposing dynamic between them. While Tails is an inherent optimist & relies on facts & science, Sticks is generally suspicious & has lots of crazy ideas, which causes a great deal of bickering between the two. This is only made worse by how Tails loves technology while Sticks has a general dislike of it.". At this point, I'm not sure anymore.

8: According to the wikia itself, it says: "While Sonic at times acts confused about hints to Amy's crush on him, it has been hinted that he is aware of it." How does Sonic know about Amy's crush on him?

That's all for now.