Time for Tails' 24th birthday to happen!

WIN 20161013 00 29 05 Pro

Tails & Fixer Prower.

Here's what I'm doing for Tails' birthday:

1: My Minecraft Skin of Boom Tails. (DeviantArt)

2: A Tails Tribute for my YT channel. (YouTube)

3: A 3rd Q&A (if there's a question, or 2 on there.). (Only DeviantArt. If I wanted to, I could add the Sonic News Network into this.)

4: A drawing of Classic, Modern, & Boom Tails. (DeviantArt, Sonic News Network, & FaceBook)

5: A story on how Sonic & Tails met in the Boom Universe. (, DeviantArt, Sonic News Network, & FaceBook)

Hope everything goes great for Tails!

Happy Birthday, Tails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Debuted on October 16, 1992.