Don't you think SEGA should give Fang or Mighty a second chance? Everybody deserves a second chance, they've being scrapped for a long time, I know they can be very useful, of course Fang don't appear because Rouge got this role, but think about it, he could be a rival for Rouge about stealing jewel and Rouge would be the one who always outsmart him, of course Mighty can't appear because he resembles Sonic, but come to think of it, Shadow and Silver resemble Sonic and vice versa, so it doesn't matter, he could be best friends with Cream and Cheese as both hate violence but also fight but with different point of view, Cream only fights to protect her friends who are dear to her, while Mighty only fights when there is no option, so whaddya think? Should Fang or Mighty deserve a second chance? Give me your opnions on your comments, you can also add ideas about a plot of how they returned/meet and interact with the other characters and if they could have new abilities. You can also vote for one of them in this SEGA of America thread .