I saw on YouTube about a the fake next Sonic Storybook game, "Sonic and the Wild West", and do you think you want that to come? I've made a/some poll(s) that you can vote on. ;)

Which next Sonic Storybook game you think you want it to come out?

The poll was created at 06:03 on September 2, 2011, and so far 34 people voted.
It has been decided and suprisingly Sonic and the Ninja Arts trolls down the other votes...

Update: WOW!! I've been gone for so long and I find that Sonic and the Wild West has been tied with this story! Good news, very good news. :) I get to make another intro script!

Intro Script - Sonic Ninja Arts

(CGI Cutscene)

As we see Sonic and Tails riding a bus around an unknown area in Japan, they're seen talking about the grand opening of the chili dog restarunt. Sonic gets off while Tails stays on the bus because he want to stick around for the tour.

Sonic walks down a path and spots a japanese building, his curiousity gets the best of him and he walks inside only to have a mysterious "big" man block the the door he just came in from. The mysterious person then snaps his fingers and the building stars to vanish...with Sonic and the stranger inside it!

(2D Cutscene)

Sonic opens his eyes to see that he wasn't on the "unknown planet" anymore but in an unknown land. The stranger suddenly comes out of the darkness and appears to be...Kintaro?!

Kintaro explains to Sonic that he's been transported to the world of Shinhism (Shinto and Buddhism combined), a magical, mythical world.

For some reason Kintaro has been cursed by Tanuki, an alcoholic, power-drunk emperor, and it's up to Sonic to stop King Tanuki from taking over Kintaro's world.

Sonic must meet up with Rabbit (later revealing to be Shinhism's version of Cream) in order to plan the eradication of Tanuki and save the planet!

(and scene)

Intro Script - Sonic Wild West

(coming soon)