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  • I live in Bowling Green (during the school year)
  • I am male
  • Exodvs

    Mandarin and Arabic

    July 7, 2014 by Exodvs

    Does anyone know if there are existing Mandarin or Arabic Sonic wikis? I'm translating some of my projects into those two languages (along with Spanish, German and French) and want to know the name of characters, objects, locations, etc of the Sonic universe in those two languages.


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  • Exodvs

    Exodvs's animation

    September 24, 2013 by Exodvs

    I used to think I sucked at animating, but after practicing I realized…not really. Here are a few I whipped up on deviantArt.

    • Where Are You?
    • Metal Sonic Blooper (2* 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)
    • Present from Legsboy and Jolt
    • Metal Prologue
    • Shadow vs Fan Art
    • The War for Muffins
    • Shadow and Antoinio in School
    • Anti and Slender
    • Fastest Thing Alive Promo
    • Fake Neo-Sonic Announcement*
    • Sonic running and REAL Neo-Sonic announcement
    • Night at the Roxbury parody
    • Sonic Sez*
    • Sonic Sez: Gaming Courtesy *
    • Sonic Sez: Interwebz **
    • Sonic Sez: OCs

    A single asterisk indicates that viewer discretion is advised

    Two asterisks indicate that not only is viewer discretion advised, but this cartoon may offend Steven Tyler fans, people with autism or Aspergers, or Rousseauists.

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  • Exodvs


    July 2, 2012 by Exodvs

    • Archie-Is ongoing to this day, darker than any other incarnation and more American.
    • Games-I actually LIKE the recent games (some troll is going to say something like "Shadow, 06 and Unleashed SUCKED!!" but I don't care). The old games were also good in their own ways.
    • Sat AM-Not exactly bask-worthy, but still OK. Gave the Archie Universe a jumpstart.

    • Sonic-Is a cocky smart@$$. A hero like no other. Getting smarter as the years go by. Especially to what his villains are up to and who exactly likes him. (I'm not telling you; if I do, the comments'll be a troll-fest)
    • Knux-I like the whole naïve dynamic between him and Eggman and the thing between him and Rouge is absolutely hilarious.
    • Silver-I see a lot of potential, especially if he had his own g…

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  • Exodvs


    June 23, 2012 by Exodvs

    I have very philosophical language-related questions about the comics:

    If they're not living on Earth, how come they're speaking English? How are they using the Roman alphabet? Did the echidnae have their own language in ancient times? How did the word "Mobius" come up?

    Put your creative or interesting comments below.

    EDIT: I forgot that Mobius is what Earth is called in the future. Here's my theory: They were speaking English and using the Roman alphabet during the time of the Xorda bombings. The Mobians had printing presses to perserve their language (without a constantly-used written form, a language changes radically), and the Overlanders had computers, typewriters, etc. French, Spanish, and other languages also existed.

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  • Exodvs

    My favorite animator of all time is Bruce Timm. But, if he did certain Sonic characters...well...

    Anything you want me to draw, I'll draw.

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