Favorite incarnation

  • Archie-Is ongoing to this day, darker than any other incarnation and more American.
  • Games-I actually LIKE the recent games (some troll is going to say something like "Shadow, 06 and Unleashed SUCKED!!" but I don't care). The old games were also good in their own ways.
  • Sat AM-Not exactly bask-worthy, but still OK. Gave the Archie Universe a jumpstart.


  • Sonic-Is a cocky smart@$$. A hero like no other. Getting smarter as the years go by. Especially to what his villains are up to and who exactly likes him. (I'm not telling you; if I do, the comments'll be a troll-fest)
  • Knux-I like the whole naïve dynamic between him and Eggman and the thing between him and Rouge is absolutely hilarious.
  • Silver-I see a lot of potential, especially if he had his own game.


  • Robotnik Prime-A prime (^^) example of what a villain should be. Arrogant. Cruel. Etc. Too bad he died early on.
  • Mammoth Mogul-He's the oldest character still standing of the Archieverse. I like to imagine what he's done in all those millenia that had effect on Mobius's history.
  • Finitevus-I don't know why. I just like him.


  • Shadow-Reminds me of Bane. And Venom. The two best anti-heroes of all time.
  • Rouge-Seems she likes to flirt with everyone. I like that.
  • Omega-Driven by revenge is a good start, and there's more to Omega as well. For what purpose DID Eggman create him if he never was used?


  • Sonic Adventure 2-By far the most deepest and darkest plot. Introduced one of my favorite characters.
  • Shadow-I don't want to explain my reasons. I am an oddball among Sonic fans and they would say I'm an idiot for liking it.
  • Generations-It has the good parts of the old games and the new games, which I previously thougth couldn't be combined.
  • '06-Except for the glitches, and...the..."scene which must not be named," it's actually better than I expected.
  • Unleashed-It seems we have more diabolic qualities and competence in Eggman and we see some of Sonic's inner demons.


Sonamy, Tailcream, Geoffally, Knuxouge, Buntoine, Jetave. I'm not going to explain them because it's a troll hazard. That's it for now.