My favorite animator of all time is Bruce Timm. But, if he did certain Sonic characters...well...

Anything you want me to draw, I'll draw.

Sonamy by Bruce Timm

A cute couple, but not here!

Knuxouge by Bruce Timm

Don't ask how long it took to erase the fat off of Bullock.

Eggman by Bruce Timm

This actually looks good. Maybe I was wrong. At least about humans.

Tailcream by Bruce Timm

Tails is to Sonic as Robin is to Batman. And Cream is to Tails as Barbara is to Dick, so I found this fitting,

Snively by Bruce Timm
Shadow by Bruce Timm

Sonic: Why didn't you just...kill me? Shadow: Your punishment must be more severe.

Why couldn't you save us

Taken from Two-Face: Part Two. Bruce Wayne/Sonic has a nightmare where he accidentally lets Harvey Dent/Geoffrey go down in some red chasm. He then sees Geoff's corpse next to his parents Thomas/Jules and Martha/Bernie. Jules then says "Why couldn't you save us," and then Sonic wakes up.

It was a pretty big rock

This is traced over the best moment in cartoon history. Penguin/Mammoth Mogul, Joker/Scourge, Killer Croc/Bark, Two-Face/Geoffrey and Poison Ivy/Fiona are playing poker and telling of moments when they almost killed the Batman/Sonic. Bark says that as Sonic was getting closer to him that he threw a rock at him. The others look in disappointment as Bark says, "It was a pretty BIG rock." I don't want any comments about Scourge looking like the Green Goblin.

Scourosy by Bruce Timm
Silver by Bruce Timm
Old Sonic by Bruce Timm
Metal Sonic

Requested by User:Sonicismylife.

Finitevus by Bruce Timm

Revenge is a dish best served cold.