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    Welcome all and how are ya?! Great okay this is my cooking show and i'm gonna give you all some recipes! If you want a special recipe or would like to be apart of the Batastic Cooking Show plaease contact our Comment Box.  Hey kids if your not sure how to cook something make sure a parent is there for supervision.Allow them to take the lead if things get messy cause health comes before pride.

    Mystic:Welcome to the Show.I'm your host Mystic The Bat.*She plops a red and black hedgehog on the table* Okay ladies and gentlemen i have here today Shadow The Hedgehog

    • Applause*

    Shadow:Chaos Control*Is electrocuted*

    Mystic:Ah ah ah.No way.Your my assistant so no leaving kay!

    Shadow:Let's just get this over with!

    Mystic:Okay i thought i'd start off with so…

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  • Famotill

    Sonic Adventure 3

    September 19, 2009 by Famotill

    This is my game idea for Sonic Adventure 3 it would be for the PS3, XBOX 360, PS2, and the Wii.

    The character selection will be somewhat similar to SA1.Also their theme songs

    Sonic The Hedgehog~ Fuel Me(Crush 40)

    Shadow The Hedgehog~ Me against The World(Simple Plan)

    Tails~Watch Me Fly(Crush 40)

    Knuckles~ Unknown From M.E.

    Rouge~Glamorous Life(Sheila E.)

    Blade~Who I Am(Magni-Fi)

    Silver~Who Put The Weight of The World on My Shoulders(Oasis)

    Souzosha~Orochimaru's Theme(Toshiro Masuda)


    Team Rose~Hero In Me(Emily Osment)

    Team Chaotix~Team Chaotix

    Omega~This Machine


    Of course if this was picked up by SEGA they would take care of the music.


    These are HUB worlds that contribute to the story Spagoni, Mystic Ruins/Jungle, Shamar, Station Squa…

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  • Famotill

    Sonic Music Player

    August 29, 2009 by Famotill

    Here you can listen to your favorite sonic toons. Old and new. From Unlike Sonic I don't chuckle to Knight Of The Wind SO ENJOY!Oh and requests. Please make requests at the bottom in the comment box.

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  • Famotill

    Sonic KinteiX

    August 29, 2009 by Famotill

    It is a sunny day at the beach on earth for sonic and his friends. They are bored with nothing to do.

    Sonic: Yaaawwn. Tails anything happening(Talking to Tails through radio

    Tails:(in Torado X2 Version) Nope sonic. It's a boring day.

    • Amy and Cream are sitting on at bench looking over at sonic.*

    Amy: I hate to see my sonic all board. It's been like this for a month.

    Cream: Mr. Sonic needs an adventure.

    Amy: That's It! Oh Sonic!

    • Starts chasing after Sonic.*

    Sonic: I might as well just run with it. Haha no pun intended.

    • Sonic running from Amy*
    • We are no in an abandened Hotel*

    Rouge: Oh it's so hot in here. Omega don't you have a fan built in you somewhere.

    Omega: What-Do-I-Look-Like-A-Beta-XZ-model?

    Shadow. Save the world countless time but we still can't…

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  • Famotill

    Sonic R The Series

    August 5, 2009 by Famotill
    • On Earth in a building in the mountains*

    Shadow: Stay on your toes this could be a trap by Eggman

    Sonic: Don't worry Eggman wouldn't call us all here that'd be suicide

    Tails: Yeah don't worry so much Shadow

    Blade: Ssssh i'm gonna sneak into the room through this air vent.

    Mysterious Loud speaker: Uh that won't be necessary just come to my office at the end of the hall.

    Mystic: Huh! High School all over again.

    Slash: Mystic please...when i was in kindagarden i set my school on fire cause i couldn't be the line leader.

    Mystic: Well your a phsycopath so it doesn't count.

    Shadow: Can u two stop bickering long enough to make it 2 inches down the hallway

    Mysterious fox: come in oh and what took you so long to make it two inches down the hallway.

    Shadow: My…

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