Sonic Adventure 3

This is my game idea for Sonic Adventure 3 it would be for the PS3, XBOX 360, PS2, and the Wii.

The character selection will be somewhat similar to SA1.Also their theme songs

Sonic The Hedgehog~ Fuel Me(Crush 40)

Shadow The Hedgehog~ Me against The World(Simple Plan)

Tails~Watch Me Fly(Crush 40)

Knuckles~ Unknown From M.E.

Rouge~Glamorous Life(Sheila E.)

Blade~Who I Am(Magni-Fi)

Silver~Who Put The Weight of The World on My Shoulders(Oasis)

Souzosha~Orochimaru's Theme(Toshiro Masuda)


Team Rose~Hero In Me(Emily Osment)

Team Chaotix~Team Chaotix

Omega~This Machine


Of course if this was picked up by SEGA they would take care of the music.


Hub World's

Major City Points

These are HUB worlds that contribute to the story Spagoni, Mystic Ruins/Jungle, Shamar, Station Square,Chu-Nan ,and Central City are the City points.They are much larger than the other HUB worlds and have different locations



These are parts of a City points.These are oponed when the character walks to a certain are.They aren't too large(Like 06) so it won't overwhelm the player. Locations aren't a neccesity to the Story.So if you want to just go to the next level you may do so(by going to the Adventure field.).However the Locations help you to unlock levels(that don't contribute to the story but are there for fun).


Adventure Fields

These are parts of a HUB world that you can access the new part of the story(the next part of the stories location will be highlted by stars on your map).They are similar to the ones from SA1 where you go there an access the next level. Here you may access extra missions as well that are unlocked in Locations.


It has a similar design to it's unleashed form but will be a bit larger and there will be a lower level part of the town.Also there will be a trolly to take you to the Adventure feild. Apotos is based of the Greek City State Mykonos. Their is rich white architectural buildings along with the world's best ice cream.Stop down to the lower level to see the florist catch the trolly or talk to more(some new) townspeople.

Major City Point~No


Adventure Field~ Sea Towers



Shamar like Apotos has a similar look to the unleashed version however there are two extra parts(being that this is a Main Story Points). This is the place where Amy meets Blade the hedgehog. The buildings of Shamar are very artsy and well designed.The color of many buildings has some sort of Blue white and Gold(reflecting The Hallowmoon from Unleashed) there is also a small desert(well it's not small but for the sake of the game it can't be too long.)

Major City Point~Yes

Locations~ Palace and Ancient Temples

Adventure Field~Shamrian Desert



Unlike the other levels Chu-Nan has a different look to it from Unleashed.Now it has become a larger village(but still not too big).With a similar style to the village in Kung-Fu Panda.In the day it seems as though it is really Dawn with more of a peaciful yellowish sky. The village is a big circle with homes and markets all leading to the Adventure feild and Locations.Chu-Nan Plays a big part in the story as it holds the  secrert base of Souzosha(within the mountains.)

Major City Point~Yes

Locations~Mountains and Pheonix Temple

Adventure Field~Haging Gardens



This is the only place inthe game to look exactly the same.However a cafe is added in where charcters can find info or regain health. This is home to Professor Pickle(Who plays a short role in Knuckles and Blade's story however he is abducted by Eggman before any other charcters can get there).Spagonia now allows you to run on rooftops.

Major City Point~Yes

Locations~ Soleanna(though neither Elise or her father play a part in this story)

Adventure Field~Big Ben



Mazuri has now become a larger village along with a neighbor village(who become their rivals playing into a secondary story.)The village is almost the same but has new characters along with new shops(The two different village shops often compete for your rings.

Major City Point~No


Adventure Field~ Tree Hut Plaza


 Central City

A peaciful city with a futuristic design.This is where Silver resides(because it makes him feel at home) as he searches for Blaze. This where the famous level that is Radical Highway is.The HUB has a Higway where you can race opponents(Becoming a secondary story). It is home to many unique charcters and even has a beach(kinda based off of California). You may even see a few celebrities come here for an awesome expirience(becoming a secondary story).


Green Hill Zone

I know what your thinking(what is he thinking) but when certain characters are sent to the past they must get through this level(And since it is the past there is no chaos control!).It has a 2-D backgorundwith 3-D Characters.The HUB world is just a 3-D bridge with only Badnicks to talk too(resulting in a secondary story).

Major City Point~No


Adventure Field~Across the Bridge


Crisis City

This is a destroyed Central City(but this time it is from Souzosha and his Valor Knights.In the center of the HUB world is a Kingdom maid of Pinkish white stone.Here is the final boss battle of The Last Story. There are no people and you just go staright to a mssion(until after you beat the game).After the game is beaten you can access the city by finding shadow(Unless less you shadow in which case hold down the Z/R1/RB button).But if your not Shadow he can be found in Station Square where you are given access to either talking to him or him chaos controlling you there(in which he stays there until your ready to go).

Major City Point~Final Boss Battle


Adventure Field~None


Station Square

It is modled after the original.This is the only way to get to the Mystic Ruins(Via Train Station).It has the same design but with better graffics.The library is accessible and there you can watch video's or read info on the history on Sonic.Here you can also access mini-games.

Major City Point~Yes

Locations~Mystic Ruins and Twinkle Park

Adventure Field~Emerald Coast

Other~Train Station and Casinotropolis


Mystic Ruins

This like Station Square is basedoff it's orginal look.You can go to the Mystic Jungle here or even Angel Island(via Tails and Knuckles).The feature isn't available to go to Angel Island(or Floating Island) until the game is beaten.To get to the Mystic Ruins you must get on the Station Square train.There are three side stories here that allow you to help out the researchers fight Eggman and find the mysteries of Mystic Ruins.Also there are magical portals that based on the element of the room they are in send you to a HUb world(this quickens game play allowing the player to just play!).They are located in the cave and are only each time you access a new HUb a new room opens. Tails still has his workshop here(you can even get upgrades when Tails here).

Major City Point~No

Locations~Angel Island and Mystic Jungle

Adventure Field~ Eggman's Base

Other~ World Doorways



Here it is slightly bigger from Unleashed and hosts many new villagers.Here there is where you can access one of the four chao gardens in the game.This place even has the level Ice cap(a secondary story). Intrestingly enough there are even penguins here(that can talk!)

Your in for an icy good time here!

Major City Point~No

Locations~Northern Lights and Ice Mountain

Adventure Field~Penguin Village

Other~ Ice Chao Garden


A place based strongly of of South America.You can explore ancient temples or talk to the people.Here the style is an advanced tribish feel with not tomuch technology but they are still very modern.Here there are waterfalls roads with many houses made of stone.Also this place has a huge Cathedril(With a statue that looks odly enough like Sonic fighting Souzosha).There is much wild life here and the sky is always shining(but at night it is beautiful as well).Sometimes even when it's sunny it may rain as well.This is the second place with a chao garden. It has a similar desing to Spagonia but a bit more tropical.

Major City Point~No

Locations~Cathedril and Mysterious Jungle

Adventure Field~Ancient Ruins

Other~Regular Chao Garden


The HUB from Unleashed with a new seperate island home to pirates! Visit Adabat as it looks pretty much the same but notibaly larger with more people. Lately people have been complaining of the pirates rudeness.They flirt with girls and play music all night!.It is up to the player to put a stop to it but will it be so easy?! This isthe third place with a chao garden.

Major City Point~No

Locations~Pirate Island

Adventure Field~Tropic Ruins

Empire City

This place needed some revamping and is now more than justa park.It is based off New York with many aspects from other HUB worlds.The Park is still there along with a Harbor down by the shore and a construction site.It is busy here as you'll find out.

Major City Point~No

Locations~Harbor and Construction Site

Adventure Field~An extension of the Park


The designs will be like Unleashed with a more cartoonish look than other Sonic games.The humans will be modeled like they were in unleashed.The grafics for in play and fighting sequences won't be shiny(like Sonic Heroes) but will have a more realistoc coloring.All character designs not present in unleashed will be based off of Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Winter games Games(CGI cutscenes) or even cgi like graphics from Seg-All-Stars Racing(for mainly Big).The Graphics while not he same on each console will still be breathe taking all the same!


Playable Characters

Sonic The Hedgehog-The story starts with Sonic catching a chilli dog(in Empire City) he notices the Egg Fleet up above"Man how many of these does Eggman have?!".Sonic like always is ready to rush off to adventure to see what Eggman's up to now but as a new saga opens will one hedgehog stand in his way?

Miles "Tails" Prower- Tails is working on an invention in the Mystic Ruins when the Egg Fleet flies over head.Theyoung fox dashes off in the Tornado X and flies towards the fleet. When he is spotted by Eggman he crashes his ship. The peices come hurtiling town scattering all over Earth.Join Tails as he imbarks on this new adventure to find his peices to the Tornado!

Knuckles The Echidna- Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald when Eggman flies over head in his Egg Fleet.Knuckles is curious of this but knows he has to protect the master emerald.Afetr a while he notices Eggman's Fleet droped robots and weird purple creatures all over the island.Knuckles is knocked out by a weird force and when he awakes he is in Chu-Nan!Help Knuckles to discover what's been going on and how he can get back to the Master Emerald.

Team Rose- It is another boring day for Team Rose when they are attacked by evil creatures.In the mayhem the creatures manage to nab Froggy and Chocola(I think you can see where this is going).They must team up in an effort to find there friends and uncover this mystery!

Blade The Hedgehog-A mysterious hedgehog who is hidden in the desert.News reports of familair dark creatures leads Blade on a new adventure.But can he finish what he started?

Silver The Hedgehog- consumed with the guilt of Blaze's 'death' Silver is walking through Central City when he notices dark matter seek from the sewer towards City Hall.Silver must investigate the monsters while at the same time find he may find clues that unravel the truth to where Blaze is.

Blaze The Cat- Blaze is heard talking to someone on a walkie talkie before the end of he cutscene she says"Mission Understood".Play as Blaze to stop Souzosha and help your unknown informer. Blaze soon comes across Team Chaotix who are also working for the adversary of Blaze's informer.This may cause them to clash.

Team Chaotix- Team Chaotix recieves a call from a client looking for detectives.They are sent to sneak into Eggman's base in the Shamarian Desert.Here they stumble across Blade the Hedgehog. After that theclient seems angry that Team Chaotix didn't kill Blade.Soon after calming down and telling them to find out Eggman's Real intentions!

Shadow The Hedgehog: Shadow recieves a call from G.U.N personal.The General tells him that there have been mysterious creatures coming from the mountains.Shadow goes to investigate and runs into a mysterious hedgehog.He chases after the Hedgehog but he gets away.Shadow now must find out what is happening and catch that hedgehog(especially before Sonic does)

Rouge The Bat: Rouge is informed that Shadow hasn't reported back to G.U.N intel of his sattus Rouge must search for clues throughout most of her story.These clues lead her to believe Shadow was captured by Eggman.She then must find the Chaos emeralds and bring them to Eggman(Getting her into a few fights)

Omega: After neither Rouge or Shadow report to intel the commader sends Omega on a number of assignments to reak havoc among Eggman's base(as rouge's last known were abouts were at one of his bases.) to find out where Eggman is keeping Rouge and Shadow captive.

Non Playable Characters

Eggman- It isn't known for sure but reports say Eggman was seen with a mysterious tall man with Silver hair that draped over his back. But is Eggman really working with him or does he have something else up his sleeve.

Souzosha- A weird man who looks to be in his twenties.It seems he may be working with Eggman.He is believed to be the cause of the demonous monsters attacking cities worldwide. It seems he may know this mysterious hedgehog as well! It seems he has a trick up his sleeve just like Eggman!

Mystic The Bat- Blade's sister who while in the story isn't playable.She usually provieds Blade with tasks for info or transportation(Providing for Blade's mini games.) She is very picky and loves designer clothes.She also has a passion for baking. She Seems to have a connection to Light Gaia and Souzosha.

Slash The Wolf- Blade's brother who loves to hurt people.He usually provides Blade with back-up (acting as an amiogo character at times).He usually uses things like canons when Blade need help to take down a shiop or something.(He usually follows Blade around when in a mission providing him with some assitstance much like in Shadow he can be controlled with a second controller!)

Professor Pickle- While he only appears a few times he explains things to Blade(about Sonic the Hedgehog) and to Knuckles(About the mysterious creatures.)He is caprtured by Eggman for his knowledge of Souzosha and his ancient monsters.

Chocola Chao- He is captured by the dark creatures due to his close ties with Chaos.

Froggy- He is captured by the dark creatures due to his close ties with Chaos.



Teahchai-A gifted fisherman who once landed a seven-foot whopper all by himself. Teanchai is a very friendly person, just so long as you don't bring up his daughter.

Jamal-A young man who hopes to one day be an even greater fisherman than his father. His passion often gets the best of him: one day he even set sail in a tempest, exclaiming, "Where there's a will, there's a way!" Well, apparently, that way was straight down, because the boat sank in the storm. Thankfully, its intrepid passenger survived. Lately, Jamal has spent more time calming his father's turbulent mood than the sea's turbulent waters

Kaeo-A nimble-fingered young man with a penchant for mascot-making. Eventually this hobby developed in a full-time job, and he opened up a shop. Kaeo's next project: making a mascot version of the spiky blue hedgehog who recently turned up at the village.

Rudi-A hardworking, caring young lady who looks out for her father, her siblings, her grades... Yes, she's a fine girl. Don't bother asking what's in that basket she's balancing on her head, though. That's her own little secret, see?

Nagi- A well-meaning girl with the unfortunate habit of causing disaster at nearly every turn. Nagi dreams of growing up to be a wonderful young lady, just like her sister Rudi.

Lumar-A man builty like a brick house.He often clashes with Teanchai(even though the two are alot alike) because his son(Jamal) flirts with Luamr's daughter Tanti.He is a rival and equally gifted fisherman of Teanchai.Even as children the two were rivals.

Zuity- Lumar's wife.She is said to be the beauty of the island and once dated Teanchai breifly.When Lumar moved to town she fell in love with him.The two went off and got married(this may have started the fued between Teanchao and Lumar)

Tanti- Lumar's only child and a sort of tomboy.While she has the beauty of her mother she wants to be an expert fishermen like her father(sharing this dream with Jamal.)Speaking of Jamal Tanti and him seem to be developing a romantic relationship.This enrages her father causing an argument between himself and Teanchai.

Ryan-An interesting young man who came to Adabat for his love of sea animals(comes here later in the game).He is originally from Central City and while they had an aquariam he wanted to see the animals and see the animals in their natural habitat.He has a crush on Rudi and goes as far as to ask the player to give him dating advice(to which the player can say yes or no to.Also different characters give different advice!)

Captian Haluke- A mean and nasty pirate who is said to be one of the monsters that have been unleashed into the world. He flirts with all of the females of Adabat and even steals Lumar and Teanchai.Can the two fishermen put their differences aside and stand up for their home?

Lieutenant Babble- As his name suggests that never shuts up.He can ramble on about anything even things like grilled cheese.He is said to be a handy swordsman(not as good as the captain though) and isn't afraid to use it.

Pip Squak- This bird that sits on the Captains shoulder seems to be the brains of this triple.He is a smart mouth back talking parot that a pirate would't be caught dead without.



 Milos- The kind and courteous owner of Surfside Seagull Sundries. It's been three decades since he opened the Gull, but not much has changed; Milos still lives the same peaceful life. He loves to gaze out at the water as the sea breeze blows by. 

 Lambros- The finest sailor in Apotos. The sea is his life, every boat his mistress. He spends most of the year out at sea. Despite his appearance (he's strong as an ox and gruff as a grizzly), Lambros is quite a loving father.  

Alexis- Lambros's son, a wild, unruly boy. Alexis hardly ever sees his father, and can't help but miss him at times. 

 Eric- Anastasia's husband, an 80-year old man who's in absolutely no rush to hit 81. Eric believes himself to be very in tune with his wife, and helps interpret her murky mumblings, but something always seems to get lost in translation...  

Gregorios- A mild-mannered elder of Apotos whose honesty and integrity have earned him the villagers' trust. He does tend to be something of a worrywart, though. Lately, concern for the planet and the villagers has kept him up at night, leaving him a bit bleary-eyed.  

Lucas- A sailor with a distinctive chuckle who also happens to be Lambros's accomplice at sea. Something about that chuckle reeks of secrets, but maybe it's better that way: some secrets, the world just isn't ready for.  

Sandra- An elderly lady whose greatest joy in life is to travel from country to country and rub noses with the people who live there. She's always willing to share stories from her international adventures. Rumor has it Sandra's day job is running a large corporation. Not bad for an old gal!  

Anastasia- This time she loses her teeth and enters the sailing race to buy a new pair or alas her husband will speak for her forever! 

The Ice Cream Vendor- A cheerful cone slinger who claims to sell the world's tastiest ice cream. His latest creation in the quest for perfection: Apotos seaweed sherbet. Every quest has its bumps along the way, it seems.  

Clara Bell- A young girl with dreams of becoming the first female sailor to win the Sea Wide Tournament(A tournament occurring throughout the game's progression)Despite the age difference Alexis has a crush on her.

George-He is Gregoios' unruly nephewy.He always disobeys rules and is always causing mayhem.He is only controlled by the Ice Cream Vendor's Ice Cream.

Mariann- Sandra's talkative older sister.The two constantly quiz the player and are always exploring much to Mariann's dismay as she is much lazier than her sister.She often complains of elderly pains trying to get out of an adventure.

Mrs.ButterMilk- Despite her odd name she is a champion sailor who always loses the tournament by just a few inches.She has a rilvary with her younger husband Mr.ButterMilk who always comes in last!This year she plans on whipping her husband into shape so she can win with her husband trailing behind!

Mr.ButterMilk-He is the brother of the Ice Cream Vendor.He was forced to take his wife's last name as he is very much afraid of her.Her is a round man with glasses that shine so you can't see his eyes and he is prematurely balding.He is younger by five years than his wife and always tells her to take it easy on him.(She never will!)  

Central City

Holly- A G.U.N agent working undercover as a florist who is trying to bust a criminal.She takes pride in her work and hates to be disturbed.

Criminal-Not much is known about the criminal except that they steal constantly from florists across the city.They are very swift.

Mayor-Obviously he is themayor of the town.He takes great pride in his town and loves it.He would do anything for his town!

Arthur- A hyper active kid who loves sugar.He often gets lost away from his parents much to their anniyance!

Reggie- A hippy man with huge multi colored glasses he often rambles aimlessly about life and it's meaning.He just so happens to be the gate keeper of the Chao Garden.

Pam-A young saxiphone player trying to make it.She palys her instrument all day for tips and is said to be very good.

Pauline-A young girl who always has a pink lollipop. She often hugs her little brother so tightly that she can squeeze the life out of him.She is a loving sister and loves her Twin Brother.

Paul- A young boy and the twin brother of Pauline.He cries very often and is a worry wort.He always seems to have snot dripping from his nose.

Randy-An elder man who still thinks he is young.He tries to be cool and hip but always fails.He loves hist town and GOSSIP.He knows alot about the town it would seem.

Ronnie-A smooth talking radio DJ who is looking for a girlfriend.He is talented and can spin a track with his eyes closed.They call him the fastest DJ alive.

Nichole- A huge environmentalist who loves trees and the earth.She has a crush on Ronnie rarely admits it as when she's around him she tends to get shy.




Zonshen- A walking treasure trove of medical knowledge who can supposedly cure any ailment. Unfortunately, much to his irritation, Zonshen's arms aren't quite long enough for him to cure his own chronic back pain.

Lin-A meat bun pro who has been serving them up for 90 years now. Technically, Lin is retired, having passed the extent of her bun-craft on to her only daughter. Decades of customer interaction have made her an excellent judge of character; she only needs one glance.

Shuifon- A painfully indecisive man who happens to harbor a secret. Someone dressed in black has been snooping around his house lately. Or maybe not; Shuifon is sort of hazy about the details. 

 Wang- Lin's son-in-law, who works at the pork bun shop. The village's famous buns have always been whipped up by the ladies, who won't let him comes anywhere near the kitchen. Then again, Wang knows how strict Lin can be about her product, so he's perfectly content with being stuck behind the counter.

 Jinlin- Lin's only daughter, who has recently been initiated into the family meat bun business. Since then, she has been busy every day, churning out one bun after another. Jinlin's goal is to further evolve the craft before passing the shop down to her own daughter, Hualin. She currently is trying to find her daughter a husband.

 Hualin- Jinlin and Wang's daughter. Hualin was born into a family of bun-makers, and as you might imagine, she is thoroughly bunned out. She has switched to an all-vegetable diet ("for my complexion!" she says) in hopes of reversing a lifetime of meat bun damage while still of marriageable age. She is now looking for a husband before the celebration of the Meet Patty Fesival. 

Yilin- For as long as she can remember, she has been obsessed with hide-and-seek. Yilin has been known to stay hiding for days at a time, so challenging her requires a special kind of fortitude. 

 Zen-Chi- A young boy he loves to fight.His rolemodel is Sonic and he considers him his mentor.He usually uses a large stick to fight and for a child isn't half bad.He has a crush on Yilin.

Dragoo- The greatest warrior of Chu-Nan who returns from training and is ready for the festival.He has a huge interest in Hualin.Shuifon seems to be jealous of Draggo's praise.

Kanji- A young woman who believes she should be the one to marry Draggo but she sees his interest in Hualin.She plans on sarrenading him with the dance of the swans in which she has been practicing for.She wants to do this at the festival.


Empire City

Louie Montaine-A self-styled Love Expert who claims to have won as many hearts as there are in the sky. Louie is always happy to teach the ABCs of that sticky wicket they call romance. If you ask nicely, he'll even help you practice... just as long as you're OK with his particular practice style.

Boss-A business wizard who can move billions with a mere snap of his fingers. Seeing as life is short and time in money, he believes in investing all of his time looking out for number one. If you were wondering, the Boss doesn't make his real name public. For business reasons, of course.

Def Big-A big-name producer worried about the future of the music industry. Def Big is currently seeking a pop sweetheart newcomer sensation with urban integrity but with a dark side too.

Elizabeth-An educator who has worked in the area schools for ages. People affectionately call her Liz. She loves seeing her kids smile, and reaches out to people left and right, but that's probably just the teacher in her. Liz has cared for more than 2,000 students to date. She tends to get stressed about the children but she loves her job still!

Charles- A superior student and aspiring doctor who sits at the top of his class and shows no sign of slipping. One teensy little problem: he's squeamish and can't stand the sight of blood. When the cadavers roll in, he roll out, then talks the professor into giving him credit anyway.

Rob-A Def Big fan who moved into the city to meet his hero. He works part-time at the shop. Bob wants to be like Def Big more than anything, but so far he's only gotten the Big part down.

Li'l Kate-A bright and bubbly pop star in the making, with a killer voice and dance moves to match. She's a go-getter, too; Li'l Kate doesn't sit around waiting for favors. "If life's a ride," she says, "then move over, 'cause I'm driving."

Brenda Hornandez-A freelance writer who travels around the world. These days Brenda has been following the global crisis, penning stories like "Shattered Plant! Who Broke the Globe?" and "Light and Fight for Domination" or "Do Blue Hedgehogs Dream of Electric Eggs?" Sh has been promoted to editer.She now frantically aasks the player for corrections.

  • As can be seen in the souvenir and in the Empire City HUB, Brenda writes for "World Treasure" Magazine.

Lyle Freeman- A young man following in Brenda's footsteps. He is now a freelance writer and is Brenda's right hand. He may even have a crush on her

Kay 9- A very well established rapper who has lately not been selling he returns home(Empire City) to find out how to make good hits again.

Jen- A smooth talking con artist who is said to be able to con any one into buying her ice cream.Word is it is good enough to rival the Ice Cream Vendor's in Apatos.

Larry- Jen's older brother who dissaproves of her swindling.He has to be honest however he has been doing alot better business wise after she started conning people.He is an overactive man with the hope of taking in enough profit for an early retirement.



Multiplayer is a special part the game that features many unique and classic Sonic stages.It can be played wih up to 4 players. Have fun and battle it out or race to see who is the top dog!


Classic Multiplayer

 Race-Depending on how many players there are you may choose to go against a computer player.You can have up to four players as you race to the finish.Each race is a recap of boards from the main Story Mode.There will be some extra levels as well.These boards will have not only just speed linear sections but platforming and shortcuts.This allows any character to gain a possible advantage.It can be fair to any character if the player is good enough with them.Leave your friends in the dust as you get to the finish line!


Battle-Up to four characters fight for supremacy in Battle mode.Each character has there own advantages and disadvantages.It works like this beat your opponent until they fall off a set number of times(The amount of lives can be changed in Options). There is a Signature Icon that randomely appears amist a battle.They allow the character who uses it to unleash a special move against all opponents within range.


Vehicle Mayhem

Snow-Boarding-Explore vast down hill slopes with different environments.Here you snowboard perform tricks and get to the finish first to beat your friends! There are pick-ups to slow down yourself or other players as well as speed boosts.In each terrain there is a Danger Section in which the player must avoid the obstacle(or run from it) to continue on to the race.keep getting rings and you will unlock special moves such as Chaos Control(Shadow The Hedgehog).


Go-Kart- A mini-game from SA2 with a new design and feature.In this you can collect rings to do special moves and get power and speed boosts as well as special moves.In this you recieve rings to do the characters specific move.


Ball Frenzy- With gameplay similar to the Aiai games roll your character around in their specially designed ball to reach the goal.It has a Sonic tiwst however because it is a race and instead of collecting bannas you collect rings.These allow you to buldoze characters out of the way or speed up.It is up to four players but includes 8 racers as do the other Vehicle games above do.


Free Rome

In this mode four players can rome around in the HUB's of Earth. You can do sidequests(must be chosen by player one).Here you may also enter the Chao Gardens and compete in Chao Karate and Chao Races.


Chao Garden

Here the players can raise their chao or compete online with chao.They can race or compete in Karate it is exaclty the same as in SA2.



Online Features

Online Features

Here are the features of online!

Regular Play- Here is were you can have fair battles where upgrading doesn't count.This mode is for new players to the game and players looking for fair game play.


Action Play- Here upgrading does count.It can make batttles slanted but due to shorcuts and advantages won't be a problem to a skilled player.This is recommended to the people looking for a HUGE challenge or in some cases some one to beat up on!


Game Modes Online

There are many online battles to be had in SA3.Here are the game multiplayer modes.(Note:While on Online you can still play with your local friends but cannot play with four unless you play the HIGHLIGHTED GAMES)


Race(1-4 players)

Battle(1-4 players)

Snow-Boarding(1-8 players)

Go Kart(1-8 players)

Ball Frenzy(1-8 players)


Upgrading System

This feature is specifically for Online.You can Upgrade characters in Story Mode gained from experience.The upgraded character may be transfered to Online play in Action Play mode.You can raise stats very high but based on the game specific character you may not be able to upgrade certain things(For Example: Big the Cat can have raised strength but speed isn't an option for him for gameplay purposes while in Story Mode)


There are chat options online that allow you to talk to competion during the game.If you would like you may turn it off.You can block certain or all players from talking to you or allowing them all to!