Sonic KinetiX

It is a sunny day at the beach on earth for sonic and his friends. They are bored with nothing to do.

Sonic: Yaaawwn. Tails anything happening(Talking to Tails through radio

Tails:(in Torado X2 Version) Nope sonic. It's a boring day.

  • Amy and Cream are sitting on at bench looking over at sonic.*

Amy: I hate to see my sonic all board. It's been like this for a month.

Cream: Mr. Sonic needs an adventure.

Amy: That's It! Oh Sonic!

  • Starts chasing after Sonic.*

Sonic: I might as well just run with it. Haha no pun intended.

  • Sonic running from Amy*
  • We are no in an abandened Hotel*

Rouge: Oh it's so hot in here. Omega don't you have a fan built in you somewhere.

Omega: What-Do-I-Look-Like-A-Beta-XZ-model?

Shadow. Save the world countless time but we still can't aford airconditioning.

Rouge: Shadow i didn't know you sweat.

Shadow: I don't but i have to listen to your big mouth without one so.

Rouge: Grrrrr

  • suddenly a rip through the air forms it is a portal and out comes a young boy in a jester outfit.*

Jester: Shadow i presume. Here show this to your friends.I'll pick you up in an hour

Shadow: But wait*the boy disapears* pick us up?! What is going on?!

Omega: Scaning-Letter-Their-Kingdom-is-in-diar-trouble.

Rouge: Hmmph i bet that place is full of MY TREASURE

Shadow: So i take it were going?

Rouge: You got it!

  • The three split up to tell anyone they could.*

Knuckles: So the guy said he'll get us


Jester: Good you'll need all the help you can get(Man i wish i had that many friends)

hey are transported instantly to the dimension.

Shadow: Did Blaze send you to get us?

Jest:No unfourtanetly we haven't seen the princess in quite some time.

Tails: SO then who did send for us.

???:that would be me

Rouge:And who are you

???:I am Prince KinetiX.Come we don't have time for stories let's get to my castle quickly!

  • They follow him to his castle it is a long walk and the only one that was cheerful was the prince*
  • They are now in the castle inside the Prince's chamber*

Sonic: So princey what's the deal?!

Prince: I have sent for help my kingdom is in great jepoardy.

Blade: Well count me out.

Mystic: What do you mean

Blade: I protect what's mine not any body else's.

Slash: I don't know this place sure looks like fun Blade.

Blade: Fine who is the threat i'll take them down.

Prince: If it were that simple i would've taken care of it!An evil villain known as DeathBeam is planning on an attack.I've seen his powers. He drains our kinetic energy.

Sonic: You lost me at simple.

Prince: Let me explain. Currently you are in KinetiX a country in this dimension. Now in Kingdom KinetiX there are what we call main branch kinetics. Kinetics have the abilities to control certain things. For example my fiance used to have Aerokinesis or the ability to use the air.

Shadow:Used to.

Prince: Yes the machine built by Eggman Nega Deathbeam betrayed him. He is coming after our kingdom. He has the ability to drain kinetic energy and use it for physical power!

Charmy: Stinky Theif!!!

Prince: Yes he is indeed a stinky theif.

Sonic: Why couldn't you all just gang up on him?

Prince: Again if it was that simple i would do it myself. Not only deathbeam but a wave of criminal Kinetics are working with him!They are going to attack our Kingdom. Some of you have to do different things. Here are the assignments.

Knuckles: what if we don't wanna help.

Prince: Then i'll trap you here forever.Now like i was saying...

Charmy: Oooh Crumpets! Yummy so delicious.

Vector: Charmy shut up i wanna get outta here.

Prince: IF YOU WOULD PLEASE SHUT UP FOR ONE MINUTE MAYBE YOU COULD GET OUT OF HERE!*Dead silence everyone has a shocked expresion on their face.0_0* Thank you Ehem. I need people to inform Lady Splash of the plan.

Amy: Me Cream and Big Got That in the bag.

Prince: Next who here is great in the art of stealth.

Team Chaotix & Blade: That would be me!

Prince: Fine all four of you. You need to go to Ruby The Cat's headquarters undetected. Once in side you need to find the computer room.

Vector: History repeats it self*facepalm*

Prince: Then hack into the computer.

Blade: Uuh i don't think we can do all that.

Tails: I'll go to!

Sonic: Are ya sure Tails.

Tails: Of course it's time to save the world!

Sonic: Okay. Tails be careful

Tails: Don't worry.I'll be in and out!

Prince: Once you hacked it i need you to intercept a chip called b-271fileZ. Bring me the code and i should be able to acces the cameras in the facility secretly.

Tails: Alright. Let's Go!

  • Team Chaotix, Blade, and Tails run towards the base.*

Sonic: They grow up so fast.

Prince: Okay next i need people to pretend their new criminals going into jail. You gotta get as much info as you can.

Slash: Me and mystic will go!

Mystic: I am NOT i repeat Not wearing those tacky uniforms!

Slash: Mystic think of the kids that will suffer. Personally i don't really care but you do. We'll be done like that. You get information i kill the criminals.

Prince: No Killing! we can't make this any worse than it is.

Mystic: Fine let's go

Slash: Are you sure i don't wanna go no more!

Mystic: Think of all the blood and mayhem if they go to war are you gonna miss out on that?!

Slash: Fine c'mon.

  • By the way if you were wondering the prince gives them maps when they take the task.*

Prince: Okay now i need someone to distract Deathbeam it's a difficult task maybe... i don't know race him in the opposite direction. Oh and when you do race him place this censor chip on him so we know where he is.

Sonic: You must not know that speeds my game that assignment screams my name!

Prince: Oh cute you made a rhyme but this is serious.

Sonic: Princey don't worry serious is my middle name. *He runs off*

5 Seconds later

  • Runs Back into room picks up crumpet and eats one*

Sonic: Bliiick! Those are nasty!*He runs off again*

Jest: Sire were doomed aren't we.

Prince: Probably

Knuckles: Hey what about us.

Prince: Oh you two sunny and knuckles you get the most difficult task of all.

Knuckles: What is it?

Prince: You get to help my fiance pick out her dress!!

Knuckles: HUH!

Prince: She's down the hall good luck*pushes them out of his chamber locking the door quickly.*\

  • Sunny and Knuckles are walking down the hall.Sunny punches knuckles' arm.

Knuckles: OW!

Sunny: You just had to ask!

  • We are in a Cellar at the bottom of the castle.*

Rouge: Hasn't this prince ever heard of Aa maid. It's disgusting down here.

Shadow: Maybe it's to keep out Theifs.

Rouge: What are you implying!

Omega: Guys-look

Shadow: A switch

Rouge: I knew it was down here somewhere.

  • Omega pulls The Switch. They go inside the door to find a secret tunnel.*

Rouge: Just keep going straight ahead.

  • They reach the end push up one the door and climb out*

Shadow: Where are we.

???: Hahaha

Rouge: Oh gosh i didn't like that sound. It sounded like a ghost. Well you know what nobody stands in the way of me and my treasure. You hear that ghosts better STAY OUTTA MY WAY!

  • Ghost surround them*

Shadow: CHaos Control!

  • It doesn't work on the ghosts*

Shadow: How do we defeat them.

Rouge: We RUN!

  • They Start Running*

Rouge: Shadow somethings wrong with Omega

Omega: Illogiacal-does-not-compute

Shadow: C'mon we have to get outta here.

  • They run around the haunted house like as if it were Scoobey-Doo*
  • Rouge Drops her Flashlight*

Rouge: My flashlight i can't see without my flashlight.

Omega: Light-Sensor-On!

Rouge: Thanks Omega

  • They make it out of the Manor and walk only to stumble upon a City of the night. It has a creepy aura to it.*

Shadow: That was close

Rouge: I knew i should have slept in today!

Shadow: Now where are we?!

Omega: Primary-scan-complete-we-are-in-the-town-known-as-disturbia.

Rouge: Check out that casino! Let's go win some money!

  • At the Splash Manor*

Amy: Iwonder what they are like.

Cream: What are we gonna say!

Big: I wonder if they have Tea here?!

Team Rose: TEA UUUUMMM!!

  • They ring doorbell to the giant mansion.Please not that this isn't the same manor that Team Dark was just in.*

Servant: Yes?!

Amy: We would like to speek with Lady Splash.

Servant: And who should i say calls her.

Amy: Huh?

Servant: What is your name love?

Amy: Why ya callin me love for your creepy. Move!*pushes servant out of the way.They walk into a fully well decorated manor with the color scheme of light blue and white.*

Cream: Ms. Splash!

Splash: What!Dad why did you let bums into my house!?

Amy: Bums We are not Bums little missy.

Spalsh: *sigh* what do you want

Cream: Your manor is in grave danger along with KinetiX

Splash: Trust me i got armies bigger than what Nega's cooking up

Amy: Wait you already know?!

Splash: I'm rich of course i know!

Amy: And you do nothing!

Splash: What they can handle it. I'm a princess i don't need to help.

Amy: You aren't a princess your a coward!

Splash:How dare you.

Amy: You can't accomplish your dreams by just sitting around you have to go after it!

Splash: What?!

Amy: You heard me! You gotta another thing coming if you think i'm gonna let you sit back and let innocent people get hurt.

Splash: Are you challenging ME?!

Amy: DUH!

Splash: Big mistake *The fountain in the living room starts to shake as water spews out washing team rose out of the house.

Amy: This is gonna be harder than i thought.

  • Ruby's Headquarters*

Espio: We must be quite

  • espio turns invisible and sneaks past guards.*
  • Vector is holding charmy's mouth shut*
  • Blade is holding tails mouth shut*

Blade:*Whisperes* On the count of three i run towards the guards. Put them to rest.

  • Vector let's go of charmy's mouth for one second*


Guard1: Hey! What are doing

  • Blade quickly jolts past them as the two huge wolf bodyguards fall to the ground

Blade: No charmy i meant paralyze them IDIOT!

  • The alarms are going off and they finally reach the room*

Tails:It'll only take me 15 minutes

Vector: Sorry buddy but we ain't got that long.

  • 10 Massive Guard rush into the room Espio,Vector, Blade, and Charmy take a battle stance.*
  • Back At The Castle*

Knuckles: AAAH stop throwing dresses at me

Loala: Oh no oh no what to do what to do. Sunny Let me see that one.

Sunny: *sarcastically*No this doesn't really go with your complection.*Happily* Let's throw it at knuckles

Knuckles: That's it why can't you just pick a dress and SHUT UP!

  • Lola starts crying*

Sunny: Oh great look what you did

Knuckles: Well if you didn't keep telling her to throw dresses at me!

Sunny: Oh so it's my fault that you made her cry?!

Knuckles: Well...yeah!

Nega: Well well well. If it isn't my beautiful princess Lola.

Lola: How did you get in here.

Nega: My robots captured your fiance and servants.

Lola: I though you wanted to stop Project:DeathBeam

Nega: Oh you don't have to worry about him. That blue hedgehog is carrying a bomb not a censor.

Lola: My husband wouldn't do such a thing!

Nega: To protect you he would.

Lola: Your evil.

Nega: Thank You!

Knuckles: If i find out sonic gone your done for!

  • Knuckles storms out of the room heading towards the forest.*

Sunny: Why would want to destroy this place.

Nega: Simple it's easy construction for NegaWorld. The rotted corpsouses will be great fuel for my robots.

Sunny: I won't let you get away with this

Nega: What are you gonna do call Shadow. I have something planned for him too!

Sunny: That's it!! *Sunny charges at Nega*

  • We are no in a damp dark and mysterious cellar. Focus in on one cell where the Prince is held*

Prince:*Bangs cell* Nega! You won't get away with this!*Tries to bend the bars with Telekinesis*

Zeta Bot: There is no use your powers are useless here. Pathetic hedgehog!

Prince: Fine as a last resort Asai Mai Ho Tu Natctae Chu Ni HAAAA! I summon you spirit of two dimensions the warrior SILVER!

  • Silver falls into jail cell*

Silver: Where am i?

Prince: Home!

Silver: Huh i was just at home watching Sonic X. Did you know i'm not even in the show.

Prince: That's because Both the show and game were Erased from history.

Silver: So why am i here?

Prince: To bend these bars and get us outta here.

Zeta Bot: I told you you can't escape!

Prince: Wrong! These are made for Main branch kinetics not third branch.

Zeta Bot: Alpha code zero kill target!

Silver: *Bends bars but now him and prince are up against the newest NegaBot Zeta!* What do we do? Prince: Leave it to me i'll use Technokinesis!

Silver: Huh!

Prince: *Short Circuits robot*

Silver: Woa!

Prince: C'mon let's get out of here!

  • We now are back at the Splash Manor where Amy and Splash's batlle continues.*

Amy: Take This*Hits Splash with the Hammer*

Splash: That will cost money to fix which*smirks*I have!*Throws water balls at her*

Amy: You'll have to do better than that!

Splash: Trust me I WILL!*Sends cyclones at Amy which hit her*

Amy: I don't know how much longer i can take these hits. That's It! Cream Big turn on every airconditioner in the house. And turn the Heat-Ometer down to negative 30 degrees.

Big: Okay!

Cream: You got it.

  • Cream fly's through the house changing the temp. to negative thiry.*

Big: Where is that off button at.

Short: Wow mister your huge!

Big: Oh hello! Um where is the off button?

Short: Right here!

Big: Where?

Short: Right there*Points to big buttonthat says off*

Big: This is hard

Short: Oh gosh that's why your so big u must have eaten your brain. I bet you were smart before that happened your brain was huge like the hole Kingdom! How did u manage to eat your brain?!(Please not that Short is truly being serious yes he is that naive!)

Big: I just want to press the button. But know your making me hungry.

Short: Here i'll turn off the button and you go get some frog legs from the kitchen.

Big: Froggy's here! Yeah Froggy!*runs off to the Kitchen*

Splash: It's over RIPPLING WHIRPOOL!*The water frezees* What!

Amy: Well your right it is over!

  • Amy hits Splash with her Piko Piko Hammer she picks up the unconscioness Splash and Calls big and Cream.

Big: What you Do to froggy!

Amy: That's not froggy. Froggy is at your hut in the jungle!

Cream: Mr. Big c'mon!

  • The three with a K.O.ed Splash head to the castle*
  • Back at the caslte*

Prince:Hurry we have to get to my Fiance

Silver: I'm still confused.

Eggman Nega: Oh you've escaped oh too bad your wife and that yellow hedgehog brat won't be welcoming you back!

Silver:{Yellow Hedgehog} SUNNY! Nega I'll get you!

  • Eggman Nega in the Eggmobile leaves laughing*

Prince: No it's too late i should have never made that deal with him!

Silver: What deal?

Prince: He knew i had called sonic here and he said that if i didn't give sonic a bomb to kill him with that he would kill my Fiance!

Silver: Don't worry I'll help you but first we have to save Sonic!

???: Um Prince i have to tell....SILVER.

Silver: *Flash Back* Mother!

White: Son! Iblis may kill me here but you must live on!

Silver: *Present* But you were killed!

White: How did's not possible!

Silver: The illusion! But how did you fake that.

Prince: That would have been because of me. I used Shadowkinesis to make the illusion of Iblis.

Silver: So he was merely an illusion.

Prince: No just at that time!

Silver: So you left and asumed i could kill the real Iblis!

White: Well you did didn't you.

Silver: My friend died because of you. *Silver wells up with tears*

Prince: Blaze The Princess was meant to die.

Silver: What!

Prince: I asked her to protect you.

Silver: This is your falt!You played me like i was a video game!

White: it was the right thing.

Silver: What

Prince: Silver your type of Kinetic the third branch.The strongest of all. You are as strong as the first but can Dimension Shift like the second!

Silver: So is Blaze a Thrid too!

Prince: No she is a second.

Silver: But why her! Why did she have to die!

Prince: Because we had to trap Iblis within the Iblis Trigger.

Silver: But the Iblis Trigger was

Prince: No she was the Solaris it laid within her. He no longer exsists.The Iblis is trapped in Blaze who is

Silver: Dead.

Prince: Now do you see

Silver: You lied to me. To save your world. You killed my friend! I am not about to let you kill another! Where is Sonic(angry tone of voice clenched teeth)

Prince: In the forest but you'll never*Silver runs off at speeds way faster than previously.

  • Ruby's HeadQuarters*
  • Unconsience gaurds lay on the ground*

Charmy: Yeah Take That!

  • Suddenly a woman walks in she is a red cat.*

Ruby: What have you done!

Blade: We stopped your plans!

Ruby: Why would you want to destroy my home?!

Blade: What but don't you want to

Ruby: He has filled you with lies.

Vector: Better start talking lady fore i start walkin baby!

  • We are now at the Haunted casino*

Rouge: These ghosts keep stealing my money!

Shadow: Doesn't it seem like something is wrong?

Rouge: What do you mean?

Shadow: If the resistance doesn't outnumber them then why do they need us.

???: Pretty smart.

Shadow: Who are you?

???: I am the latest creation in APT technology created by Nega.

Shadow: Maybe this could be interesting.

???: I am Kid Kinetic and i will kill all who oppose!

Omega: Scanning-being-filled-with-kinetic-energy*Omega starts short circuting*

Shadow: OMEGA! Rouge get him out of here i'll catch up.

Rouge: But

Shadow: GO!

  • Omega and Rouge run off*

Shadow: Well kid let me show you the power of THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM!

Kid Kinetic: Hmmph it's a shame you'll NEVER catch up to your friends!HAHAHAHA


Shadow uses chaos control to slow down Kid Kinetic.He runs behind him punches him into the air and uses chaos punishment.

Kid kinetic licks his lips and begins to heal. Shadow stunned for a second is blind sided as millions of slot machines are above him!

Radio Nega: Kid! Head to the forest immeaditely eliminate all life form that isn't Blue!

Kid: What of the Ultimate Life Form

Radio Nega: Spare his pitiful life you don't have much time. GET MOVING please!

  • Forest*

Sonic: Hey ugly you gotta go faster than that!

  • DeathBeam puts on turbo boost passing sonic*

Blade: Sonic STOP!

Sonic: Huh?!

  • Blade runs up to Sonic*

Blade: That is a bomb not a tracker. If you go fast enough it will explode!

Sonic: Huh why would princey give me a bomb.

  • Silver runs up to sonic and Blade*

Silver: Sonic that's a

Sonic: Bomb

Silver: Well...yeah how did you know

  • Knuckles runs up to sonic silver and blade*

Knuckles: Sonic that's a


Kid Kinetic: Nega enemies in sight why can't i kill the blue one.

Nega Radio: Because he is racing DeathBeam

Kid: No he isn't

Nega Radio: What?! Well KILL ALL LIFE FORMS THEN!

Kid: Of course doctor!

  • Kid jumps from the bushes*

Kid: Threats targeted

  • Shadow Rouge and Omega appear*

Shadow: Guess what i caught up to them CHAOS PUNISHMENT!


Sonic: Who is that

Shadow: I'll explain when he isn't trying to kill us let's go!

Sonic: Let's go

Blade throughs sword to sonic sonic catches and jumps on it. Silver controls the movement with Telokinesis. Sonic jumps of as the sword go through Kid Kinetic and Sonic does a homing attack. Blade runs and catches the sword that was still going forward. He runs towards him and jumps up and slashes down him. When Kid is weakened enough so he can't guard Shadow uses chaos control and transports behind him using chaos blast to knock him in the air where he lands on the sword of Blade. Shadow runs at incredible speed with Kid and the bomb with three seconds left until detination because shadow's speed set off the 10 second timer Shadow kicks Kid into the air a far enough distance above the forest and transports back with the others. They look up and watch him explode!

Sonic: Maybe some other time.

Silver: If only we were in a different time we could've been friends.

Blade: A short lived villain.

Shadow: His power was enough to short curcuit Omega.


Shadow: I can't say that was easy

Vector: We missed it!

Espio: I told you that wasn't a shortcut Charmy.

Tails: Sonic you're okay!

Sonic: Tails why ya cryin buddy you don't have to worry about me.

Ruby: Thank you young man for taking care of those pesky robots. Let me tell you the real story.

  • We are at the castle*

Amy: Here Prince!

Prince: Good! Now Splash wakey wakey!

Splash: I'll it smells like hedgehog!

Prince: Amy why don't you take a seat.

  • Amy Sits and Nega appears and puts a brain control on Amy's head*
  • The Group leaves forest heading towards Bad Zone*

Silver: But me? Why am i the soul of Aresuis? I don't believe in war!

Ruby: It was sealed within you at birth. Your mother planned to use it against our world! She is now working with the prince and Nega to do so.

Sonic: He tricked us! No wonder those stupid crumpets were nasty!

Ruby:If they combine the three monsters they will create a perfect creation. He will be unstoppable.The monster's name is Nyx

Sonic: Well than we better get this show on the road.

  • Close Up to a many anxious inmates ruuniing all over the place.*

Mystic: No i don't want your number get off me!

Slash: You think all ten of you can beat me just try!

Mystic: I gotta get out of her!

  • Ruby along with the rest of the crew arrive and stand atop a rock above Bad Zone(Similar to the begging of Lion King)*

Ruby: People the time has come!

Inmates: YEAH!

Ruby: We won't let the Prince destroy our world.Guards you can join our cause OR FALL!

Guards: We don't know what your talking about stop this now.

Ruby: Okay we'll end it here attack.

  • A massive battle starts with people rioting. The barrier to bad zone dissapears as the inmates spill out.*

Ruby: Onward to Kingdom KinetiX

  • Back at castle*

Amy: Nega sir survalliance shows they are coming.

Nega: Yes! They think they are doing a noble cause when really they are helping us.

Sunny: Sir i don't understand! How is this good?

Prince: The bloodshed will feed Aresuis. We will extract the demon.

Nega: Brilliant!

  • A massive war breaks out between civlians robots and the inmates destroying the Kingdom.Ruby and the main gang arrive.*

Slash: Oh this is so COOL!

Mystic: It's awful!

Sonic: You won't get away with this!

Nega: Oh i do think we will AMY! SUNNY AFTER THEM!

Mystic: C'mon you guys we have to end this fight let Sonic Silver Blade and Shadow handle this.

Nega: AMY destroy sonic and blade! SUNNY defeat Shadow and drain Silver.

Sonic: Blade what do we do !

Blade: Fool! We have to speak to her.

Sonic:Amy look at me this isn't you. C'mon it's me sonic!

  • Silver amd Shadow fight sunny*

Silver: ARRGHH! We can't hurt her

Shadow: What do we do!

Silver: There is away to stop this Shadow Stay Back!

Shadow: No you can't!

Silver: Sunny! You want this so badly take it!

  • Suuny charges at silver as she drains the demon from silver*

Silver: Sunny it's me! Please stop!*Silver kisses Sunny*

Sunny: Huh? Silver did you just..

Silver: No time!

Nega: I'm afraid it's too late!Aresuis has been unleashed!

Silver: No!

  • The castle collapses as there is one last peice of it so there is a cylinder platform that they stand un and below is the energy from the three monsters*


  • The prince does a backwards suicide dive into the pool of darkness. A light is seen shining as it peirces out.*

Silver: Blaze!

Sonic: Long time no see!

Blaze: Hello my friends! I have something to do!

  • Blaze(in burning blaze form ) floats above the war.*

Blaze: People of this land!What are you doing. You fight each other when the true enemy is The Prince! Stop this foolishness!

Townsperson: The princess is right we must stop the monster!

Blaze: Yes now go to the museum bring me the Sol Emeralds!

  • The villagers do so*

Blaze: Sonic, Silver, Blade,and Shadow take this stop Nyx before it is too late!

The Four: Right!

  • They turn Hyper and proceed towards the giant purple monster*

DeathBeam: The power level is imense!

Toqnspeople: Here i give you my power stop Nega please.

DeathBeam: Hmm?

Townspeople: Here we give you our power!

DeathBeam: Yu trust me?

Townsperson: This is your land too! We are like brothers here!

DeathBeam: Analyze . Data Drain Begin! Here i come Nega!

Nega: What?!

  • DeathBeam destroys eggman's machine and his getaway ship.*

Nega: Next time i will rule*He runs off with his robot guards*

Hyper Sonic: Now Nyx Take THIS!

Hyper Shadow: Hyper Chaos Blast. Chaos Crush!*Shadow crushes the pressure points in Nyx's body*

Hyper Silver: Tele-Blast!

Hyper Blade: Hyper Slice!

All Four: Now We shall end it HYPER FINISHER!!*They all charge right through him and they do at Kamahamha type move when behind him.

NYX: You may destroy me but i'll take this Planet with ME!!!!!

Lola: No! I wont let this happen!Quick Sunny hand me the thing you used to drain that white hedgehog!

Sunny: Here!

Lola: My Husband we shall lay together forever!*Tears welt down her face*

I love you and we shall live in peace together.

  • She holds the machine to heart and turns it on to"Seal"

and the passes through the machine and into the heart of Lola.

She collapses to the ground and turns to ash*

  • White is seen skeeking away*

Ruby:Oh no it's off to Bad Zone with you!

Amy: Must Destroy Sonic!

Silver: You have to kiss her to save her!

Sonic: NO WAY!!

Amy: Kill sonic!

Sonic: Fine*Sonic Kisses Amy*

Blaze: You know that robot destroyed the mind control machines right?! Sonic: AMY!

Amy: What?! Girls gotta keep her man

Sonic: I'm not your man!


Blaze is pronounced princess of the dimension and Ruby and DeathBeam her royal Knights.

Splash moves into the castle and She is back with her mother and father(Who are expecting Twins) and Splash has become alot nicer.

Blaze brought everyone back to our dimension.

Silver denies kissing Sunny To this day!

The Kingdom is once again thriving!