Sonic R Episode 1: Let The Races Begin

  • On Earth in a building in the mountains*

Shadow: Stay on your toes this could be a trap by Eggman

Sonic: Don't worry Eggman wouldn't call us all here that'd be suicide

Tails: Yeah don't worry so much Shadow

Blade: Ssssh i'm gonna sneak into the room through this air vent.

Mysterious Loud speaker: Uh that won't be necessary just come to my office at the end of the hall.

Mystic: Huh! High School all over again.

Slash: Mystic please...when i was in kindagarden i set my school on fire cause i couldn't be the line leader.

Mystic: Well your a phsycopath so it doesn't count.

Shadow: Can u two stop bickering long enough to make it 2 inches down the hallway

Mysterious fox: come in oh and what took you so long to make it two inches down the hallway.

Shadow: Mysterio and Claws couldn't keep their mouth shut

Mystic: It's mystic and Slash

Mysterious Fox: Please inside the office

  • They all go into office*

Shelly: Eggman what are you doing here

Eggman: Sigma! Hey u said they wouldn't be here

Slash: Your sigma my queen

Shelly: ill gross stop licking my hand claws

Slash: It's SLASH

Mysterious fox: SILENCE!!!!

hello i am Leo The Fox i am the enterprise marketer owner of Racers the hit t.v. show where people of all different styles come together to race in many different events. It's like the olympics but with all racing

Sonic: Been there done that

Leo: Not like this my friends the winners recieve chaos and sol emeralds and cash AND bragging rights so what do you say?!

Knuckles: Sure

Leo: Okay

Everyone warps into a different planet

Eggman: nice job Knucklehead

Knuckles: oh yeah well why don't i give you a knucklesandwich eggyoke

Shadow: You guys look *holds up watch*

Leo The Fox: Hello gang stop looking around i'm in the watch i will be talking to u through this know. I may even help you win.

Sonic: Why did you want us here anyway


Blade: Where is "here" exactly

Leo: it's...

Sonic: Moebuis

Mystic: what's a moebuis

Sonic: it's home

Tails: WOW IT SURE LOOKS BETTER AFTER WE ALL LEFT *everyone looks at eggman*

Eggman: WHAT can u blame a guy for trying

Leo: The first race starts tommorrow u have a whole hotel rented out courtesy of me!

Amy: do they have those little soaps there so cute

Cream: yeah cheese can use them to wash to

Cheese: CHAOO

Big: I like soap

Leo: Yes there are and big ones to and i'm talking to you big! There is a chao garden in town square where all contestants chao reside.They will be in the best hands i promise. There are shopping malls resteraunts hot dog stands Workshops weapons shop and libraries throughtout the town. Oh and Slash there is a demolition derby arena maybe you'd like to

Slash: I'm goin right now

Leo: You all have credit cards in your rooms in which all exspenses go to the company. Go Wild I'm a trillionaire!

Shelly: We have to go shopping Dawn

Dawn: Duh come on Sunny ur coming to

Sunny: Let's go

Blade:{so that's sunny when we get back to earth she dies}

Episode 2: Starting Your Engine

Sonic: I'll take six more Chilli dogs please.

Vender: Jeez kid you already had 12.

Sonic: a guy gets hungry some times.

Vender: Yeah, but not hungry enough to eat all the food in the whole joint.

Sonic: Are you gonna complain, or am i gonna have to go to a different vender.

Vender: No! No! Don't do that, the customers always right.

Sonia: Sonic is that you! I missed you so much! Manic get over here.

Manic: What's up. Hey Sonic!

Sonic: Great to see you guys again! It's been way too long!

  • They Walk Off talking about their adventures*
  • Blade and Shadow in Weapons shop*

Blade: Shadow why must you use fire arms?

Shadow: Because there quicker and more effective.

Blade: You could always just fight with honor.

Shadow: Here we go again.

Blade: I mean the feal of your blade smitting a foe. It's, It's GREAT!

Shadow: It's just not my thing.

Blade: Yeah but.

Shadow: Drop it okay!

Blade: What ever you say cheater.

Shadow:What'd you say?!

Blade:Cheater, you know a person who acts dishonestly.

Shadow: I don't need guns to take u down.

Blade: You could try, fail in defeat, and cry in you bed tonight.

Shadow: That's it!

Blade: If you wish. Just when your crying can you keep it down to a sob, it gets on my nerves some times.

Shadow:Chaos Blast

  • Blade dodges*

Blade: Your letting anger control you. It makes you weak. Go ahead try again.

Shadow: Chaos Spear

  • Blade dodges yet another attempt by shadow*

Blade: It's also unwise to yell out your next move. It warns people, and peoples instincts are heightened when they are under pressure.

Shadow:Chaos Control!

Shadow: Chaos Blast!

  • This hits Blade Knocking him to the ground*

Blade: That Hurt. Well then, time to get serious!

  • Blade throws two small shuriken exploding on impact.*

Blade: Come on shadow get up, i know your okay.

  • Blade offers his hand to Shadow*

Shadow: Chaos Blast

  • Blade get's knocked into a wall*

Sonic: Hey you guys Leo said to meet at the Moebius Arena

Shadow & Blade: Who are they?!

Sonic: There my brother and sister c'mon slowpokes!

Sunny: So fox dude what's this all about.

Leo: Training

Sonic: Why do we need training it's a race?

Leo: It's more than that sonic.

  1. Anything goes except for killing.
  2. There are pick-ups that you can collect to increase speed, strength, ability to fly, position in race, etc.
  3. You can use special techniques. There are rings in you suites that are fully equiped to suit your needs. These rings allow you to do a Special move that can change the tide of the race. All you need is 150 rings to use this ability. You can collect rings throughout the course.
  4. Pick Up Milk

Oh wait what is that doing in there?

Slash: So where does the training part come in.

Leo: Well, whenever you like.

Sonic: Let's get started now!

Silver: C'mon Sonic, keep up.

Sonic: No fair you got a speed boost.

Amy: Go Sonic! Whoo Hoo!

Mystic: That ugly fox with the bad accent said there were races tommorrow we have to get some sleep.

  • They all return to the hotel*
  • The Next Day*


Tails: Sonic c'mon you have to get dressed the show's about to start.

  • They Arrive at the Arena which has been turned into an Outside Staduim. Every seat is filled with Excited fans. Picture a NASCAR event, but 10 times bigger*

Toad The Commentator: Welcome folks today we start our annual Racing! This event is filled with fast paste action. Bring a pamper cause you don't want to miss a thing!

Lemur The Commentator: That's right Toad, and you can bet it's gonna be a great show.Let's take a look at the teams!

Sonic: What there's Teams!

Toad The Commentator: Of Course there are Stupid!

Lemur The Commentator: That's right Toad, Sonic may be super fast, but he sure is slow in the head.

Toad The Commentator: Can you say Insane in The Membrane?!

Sonic: Give a guy a break.

Toad: Okay Let's Get Started

  1. The First Team is Sonic The Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles The Echidna.
  2. The Second Team is Shadow The Hedgehog, Rouge The Bat, and Omega.
  3. The Third Team is Amy Rose, Cream The Rabbit, and Big The Cat.
  4. The Fourth Team is Espio The Chameleon, Charmy The Bee, and Vector The Crocodile.
  5. The Fifth Team is Blade The Hedgehog, Mystic The Bat, and Slash The Wolf.
  6. The Sixth Team is Sunny The Hedgehog, Lucan The Fox/Dragon/Wolf, and Riquel The Chinchilla.