The government is currently trying to pass a bill that will affect all of us, in an extremely negative way. It is the reason why so many Sonic, Beyblade, etc. uploaders lost their YouTube account. It is called Bill S. 978. It must be stopped. It will effect us all, by not letting us watch Sonic, etc. on YouTube. But it will also affect our individual wants. This restricts the upload of any kind of copyrighted materials. Parodies and Game reviews are also on the list

This bill means:

  • No more PnF
  • No more fan/fanart videos
  • No more Screwattack
  • No more DBZ abridged
  • No more game reviews
  • No more game walkthroughs (for whoever isn't good enough to beat the game without help :/)
  • No more Parodies of songs
  • No more videos of everyday people singing popular songs
  • No more of any TV show

This bill must be stopped from being passed at all costs. I will post a few links ASAP. They will provide more information, and show you how to stop this bill by voicing your opinion.

More Info: (This is sort against us well, because all the narrator protects is videogames)

To voice your opinion:

Spread this information, and the links. Go to every wiki you are on, and let them know about Bill S. 978.

UPDATE: I am seeing a lot of rage comments. Stop them. Don't vent. If you are mad, spread the blog and these links. Also, use the second link to stop this bill.

Wikis Alerted:

  • SB Fanon
  • Adventure Time
  • Ed, Edd, n Eddy
  • KND
  • Team FourStar
  • ScrewAttack
  • Ben 10 Fanon
  • DBZ
  • DBZ Fanon
  • ANT Farm
  • iCarly

Credit goes to Scubadave from the Phineas and Ferb Fanon wiki. Thank him, not me. Heres the link: A bunch of Wiki spammers, send em’ to da moon! 00:05, July 14, 2011 (UTC)