Hey, hey! Firbin here! I've read a post about my favorite Machinima series starring Sonic the Hedgehog himself, Sonic For Hire!!! Since its debut on February 13, 2011, Sonic For Hire has made me chuckle hard over the past 2 years. It had a chronological plot that posed Sonic as a broke and desperate man, thanks to Tails spending his entire money on Sega Dreamcast stock. Throughout the series, Sonic, later joined by allies, goes on a long quest for cash by working for third-party video games, serving the greatest mob boss (Mario) and later becoming the mob boss himself, making a blockbuster movie with Kirby (while Tails enjoys his lap of luxury and fortunes), and serving as the new leader for the Star Fox crew.

In season 6, Sonic decides to travel back to the past to alter the future. However, bizzarity ensues when Mario is brought back to life, Tails and the others go back to the wrong time, and the world starts to fall apart. It seemed like this was the end for Sonic, but thankfully he had to act quick with the press of a reset button, which eventually turns the gang into pixels. Will they be like this forever?

It may be confirmed that season 7 is the final season of the series, but in order to have the series up and running after the seventh season, each episode must have over 500,000 views to have a season 8. So, c'mon people, wake up and act! Forgive me for saying this, but stop nagging around those Sonamy rumors and listen up!!! As viewed in the link below, the real topic about this blog is that Sonic For Hire is soon to end due to declining viewership and Happy Hour fans shifting over to the zany, stupid, overrated Sanity Not Included!!!! Fans on the discussion page are currently bragging the Happy Hour channel on YouTube to make more Sanity (just like 3-year-olds whine for more ice cream or new Spongebob episodes). Everyone, now's the time to save Sonic For Hire!!!! THAT TIME IS NOW!

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And whatever you do, don't say "This sucks! I like Sonamy better! F*ck this!" So, what are you waiting for? GIVE EVERY SONIC FOR HIRE EPISODE OVER 500,000 VIEWS OR SONIC AND SHADOW WILL THRASH YOUR WHOLE HOUSE AND STICK GUNS IN YOUR FACE!!!!!