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Both SONIC and Generations had the same problem: Non-adoxes. This is basically stating that SEGA/Sonic Team really shouldn’t use TIME TRAVEL in Anniversary games. EVER.


AKA Sonic Next, Sonic Next-Gen, SONIC the Hedgehog, and most commonly Sonic ’06, this game was a disaster on all accounts. The gameplay had glitches, A LOT OF GLITCHES, the voice acting for anyone who wasn’t voiced by Dan Green sucked, and the storyline was insanely confusing. Not Sonic’s finest moment at all. Did I mention that he DIED at the end? It also never happened, seeing as it Paradoxes at the end.

One of the main problems, as said above, was the plot. The cause of this was the main villain, Mephiles the Dark’s, “fridge” plan. Called a fridge plan for the plain reason of being big and full of EVERYTHING, he obviously didn’t think the process out before travelling to THE FUTURE to convince a “certain white hedgehog” to go BACK IN T IME and KILL SONIC. No-one can figure out why he couldn’t do it HIMSELF, as he manages to when said hedgehog fails, and becomes friends with the blue Mobian. (No, it doesn’t sound very confusing. But it is. TRUST ME.)

Of course, said plot becomes inevitably more confusing when the white hedgehog, (Silver, if somehow you hadn’t realised), meets up with the King of Emo (Shadow, did I really have to say that?), and the two battle, then become allies in a matter of 5 or 6 seconds, and then head BACK IN TIME (exactly 10 years, same place) in a VERY CONVENIENT TIME PORTAL, caused by a Chaos Control, that CONVENIENTLY heads back to the VERY SAME place Shadow needed to go in the first place. It would have been funny if he jumped through and it lead him somewhere else, seeing as Shadow only STATED that it would lead him back in time to the VERY CONVENIENT place where the TIME LOOP of his storyline started, and so he could act in that time, thus making the game happen in the first place. It would be funny, because if he and Silver couldn’t get there, the game would never have happened, so no-one would have had to play it and then write about it, like I am doing here. I guess, though, in a way that wouldn’t be funny, because if the game never happened, the game couldn’t have been funny, and no-one would have pointed out that that would be funny anyway. I’ll stop making your lives so confusing now. For about the 3 seconds it took you to read that and this sentence. Next, Silver and Shadow witness the death of the Duke of Soleanna at an accident with the Flames of Disaster (A fancy name for Iblis). Upsettingly, his daughter, who is there too, doesn’t die. This is upsetting because his daughter is Princess Elise (The ugly human Final Fantasy reject that KISSES SONIC to wake him from the dead, meaning that she committed both bestiality and necrophilia AT THE SAME TIME. That, and the idea of kissing someone to wake them from the dead MAKES NO SENSE. But, then, it’s SEGA we’re talking about. Making sense isn’t one of their strong points. In fact, if you look up the word SENSE in the dictionary, it would have a picture of the SEGA logo, with a big red BANNED sign-thing over it. But, that’s enough about SEGA). Both hedgehogs head out to fight their enemies, who are also CONVENIENTLY THERE. After the battles, the Duke of Soleanna, who is struggling A LOT, but is somehow still sort-of not-really alive, gives Silver “the ugly human Final Fantasy reject”-I MEAN, Princess Elise, to look after, and then dies completely. C’mon Silver, kill her. Kill the beast that hatched from the egg! No-one’s gonna see...

Shadow then returns, and takes Silver outside, where he places a weird feathery sceptre (Known as the Sceptre of Darkness, or the Book of Darkness, as it is incorrectly called in the subtitles) under a tree, next to where Silver put Elise down. Silver then gives Elise the Blue Chaos Emerald he was carrying around with him-


You need the Chaos Emeralds to go Super. ALL 7 CHAOS EMERALDS. This would cause a TIME PARADOX if SEGA had noticed the flaw. There are a lot of people who say:

“Silver gives the Chaos Emerald to Elise, and she keeps it with her for 10 years, thus explaining why she had it at the start of the game. However, giving her this would erase all Super Transformations from 1996 to 2006, because she had it with her the whole time, thus meaning that EVERY GAME from Sonic R to Shadow the Hedgehog (Game) could not have happened.”

This is not correct.

I didn’t start at the start, making this a bit confusing to those of you who don’t know much about this game.

Do you remember the TIME PORTAL from a little earlier? This was caused by an enhanced Chaos Control, caused by two different people with two different Chaos Emeralds. Shadow had a Green Emerald, Silver had Blue. THE SAME BLUE EMERALD HE GAVE TO ELISE LATER IN THE GAME. Meaning that it was from the current time. In order to erase the Super Transformations from 1996 to 2006, it would have had to be the Blue Emerald that was there in 1996, but it wasn’t, it had come from 2006. Silver had found this Emerald after Elise dropped it outside Eggman’s base. He took it with him, and caused Chaos Control with it, while with Shadow to open the TIME PORTAL, which took them back in time, meaning that the Emerald could not have gotten any further in time than the second before Silver jumped into the Portal. This means that Sonic, Shadow, and Silver COULD NOT have gone Super at the end, because it was stuck in a TIME LOOP and never made it to the end of the game.

This didn’t happen though. It was a Non-adox: A Time Paradox that never happened because the creators didn’t notice it.

Sonic Generations:

20 years of fun is celebrated in Sonic’s second real anniversary game. He meets...himself! And travels through time. And loses all of his memory, because he doesn’t REMEMBER any of the places he’s been to properly.

Sonic meets himself. Yes, his Classic form, and that of Tails, returns for some fun. What wasn’t noticed, was that Classic Sonic and Tails are just younger versions of the two older characters, meaning that they went on this adventure in the Classic days, also meaning that Sonic’s history was changed completely. SPOILERS. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR CLASSIC SONIC AND CLASSIC TAILS. But, Sonic’s history didn’t change because SEGA didn’t notice that problem. Non-adox much?

That, and apparently SONIC’s storyline still exists. If not, how could Crisis City (AKA Crappy Future) be in the game?

That’s all from me. See you guys...when you finish reading my nice big long post that goes for 1,282 words.