It's my birthday! ...Friday.

Yep, I'm gonna be the great and honored age of 18. Which means I will be able to do a lot of things that I can't list here (insert awesome face here).

The reason I'm posting this now is because I'm going to Philadelphia to partake in the Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day parade along with the rest of my school's marching band (or most of them). After that we're going to New York City to do some other stuff.

Feel free to comment now or when it's actually my birthday, I'll be sure to check this blog again on Sunday when I get back.

On a side note, I'd really appreciate if you'd watch the Dunkin' Donuts parad, I'm not sure if it's on TV but I do know there's a stream for it online please do check it out. :)

And here's something I drew some time ago: Signpost 001 copy

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving weekend and if you don't celebrate it have a nice Wednesday thru Saturday anyway ^_^