Okay the title is a lie, because I can't dictate your opinion on favoritism, but howver it is once again my birthday. I'm turning 17 (or turned). I'd just like to say that I've come a long way and it's been over a year since I' first joined and it has been honor working with each and everyone of you. I hope these good times can continue for the rest of the time I stay on this wiki. I celebrated my birthday yesterday (November 28th) because my mom is going away today until the weekend. I went to Red Lobster and ate several crustaceans while there. I got Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transfomed on the PS3, 5 Foreigner CD's, the latest Aerosmith CD, and a Pink Floyd T-Shirt. I guess now I'll just list my favorite things about Sonic below. :P


Forever Sonic Adventure 2 Battle


I can't even decide. Let's say...


Speed Highway



Birthday Drawing

Coming Soon~