According to Sonic Stadium[1], hidden data from the new mobile Sonic game, Sonic Runners, have been found. The data actually reveals new characters.

For starters, there is a photo of 15 characters in the game. Although Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are playable, these shows 11 more playable characters such as Team Dark, Team Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, Metal Sonic, Cream and the most important reveal, Big the Cat!


And it doesn't stop there. Characetrs from The Black Knight, Lost World appear. The most major ones are the return of Merlina, Froggy, Zavok and Erazor Djinn!


The other images might actually relate to the story of Sonic Runners. There is possibly a possessed Shadow and Omega and a Metal Espio!


The final image is the most creepiest and disturbing of them all. If you though that Metal Espio was weird, there is an actual Metal Eggman!


Since Sonic Runners have been released yesterday at Japan and Canada, the is more to be revealed. What will we find next?