In October 15 (8 days before Sonic Lost World will be coming for the Wii U and 3DS) I am going to make an Archie version of Sonic Generations (not the video game)! I'm going to make images then I'll put it on Movie Maker then AVS Video editor it using my voice. The other voices are a mystery until October 31 (Halloween).


Gabe2140 - Sonic the Hedgehog, Eggman

sonicfan3232 - Tails the Fox, Sally Acorn

SnapperAnt* - Knuckels the Edhina

69rebelgirl - Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Mina Moongoose

Some other users who Youtube on sonic include:

Ziltroid - Big The Cat

lemonsonic - Bunnie Rabbot, Dr. Robotnick

TP - Antoine D Collete, Fiona Fox

AestheticGamer - Vector the Crocidile, Omochao

silverhedgehog188 - Silver the Hedgehog

son1cgu1tar - Espio the Chamelon, Cocunuts

flame6753 - Charmy Bee

Cyberman65 - Scratch

FirebirdPhoniex87 - Shadow the Hedgehog

  • An asertisk (*) means he/she has an alternate name on any site.


Sonic and friends have a birthday party until the mysterious hole appears and
Archie Sonic Generations

Offical logo of Archie Sonic Generations

sucks Sally, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Big, Antoine, Vector, Espio, Charym, and Shaodw. Sonic attacks it but he is receded, then the white era appears Sonic is sleeping then Tails comes in and says "Sonic are you OKAY?" Sonic sez he is allright. Sonic rushes to what was his first adventure in the comics. Sally is then saved. Sonic then reaches Marbrel zone, and a boss fight with Knuckels appears and he is saved. Sonic then panels to be a fight with Metal Sonic and Mecha Sonic.

IS NOT MADE!! blog. well.......LOCKED!!!