Some part of me didn't feel like I'd live long enough to see this day, although I'm by no means disappointed that I did. I didn't think I'd make a blog over something like this either. As you can probably guess from the title of this blog, today I'm officially 20 years of age. I don't really have much to say regarding this topic other than the fact that I know that some parties who know me are quite happy about this fact, and what I hope to (apparently) go do today, which is: Go see "The Dark Knight Rises", decide if I want a cake or a pizza for my birthday, etc. Since I've only woken up just recently I have no idea if there will be more to my day besides the two things mentioned, so naturally I have only one way of finding out. One thing I'm gonna try and do for sure is see if my girlfriend is willing to do something special with me today.

Heh. I'm starting to feel like an oldbie around here when I think about my age compared to most Users here. I wonder if I'll start using a walking stick when I become 29? In any case, feel free to comment if you wish to do so. I'm probably not gonna be on as much today to watch what goes on around the Wiki, but I'll try to respond to any comments of yours as soon as I can if I'm AFC (away from computer) at any point.