Well fellas, Microsoft is at it again. I don't know how many of you saw this coming (I did, I suppose), but here's the rundown: Some big-shot from Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One's Kinect will be used to watch consumers after all, and they'll use whatever they learn from watching you and sell that information to advertisers. So basically, they did what they said they could do when it comes to changing their Xbox One policies: reserve the right to change their console's policies in any way whenever they want, at their own descretion. And the kicker to all this? Shortly before word of this came out (apparently it was done at some big convention, so TONS of people at a time got to hear the bad news en masse), apparently days/weeks ago ANOTHER big-shot at Microsoft said that they WEREN'T going to use the Xbox One's Kinect to sell information about their consumers to advertisers -- so not only are we gonna apparently be spied on after all, this contradiction between these 2 people shows that there may indeed be some form of mis-management of some kind or SOMETHING going on within Microsoft that gives us, the consumers, even further reason to distrust them and their flip-flopping business practices.

That's pretty much the whole situation in a nutshell. The link I put up should lead to an article that'll explain more, and I'm sure you guys can look this up in other places in your spare time if you want to gather more information about this latest bit of gaming news, but whatever you choose to do you are free to comment on this blog if you wish to add your own thoughts/information to the topic at hand. Personally, although I saw this coming a mile away (as I mentioned previously) and am therefore unsurprised, I'm still not too happy to see that apparently Microsoft hasn't learned its lesson from the original unveilling of the Xbox One and its capabilities/features -- so at this point I think I know for sure that, when it comes to console gaming at least, I'm definitely going to be giving my business to the competition, because right now Sony/Nintendo/Etc. isn't giving me any real reason to feel concerned over my overall gaming experience in console gaming. Microsoft had a chance to redeem themselves in not only MY eyes, but their consumers' eyes as well -- and as far as I'm concerned they blew it, big time. Too bad for them, I guess.