Hm. My first ever blog on this site, and it's about something trivial... I wonder how many people have assumed that I'd make a blog over something more serious, if ever at all for any reason whatsoever?

Anyway, personal thoughts aside... I've decided to do something a little fun for a change (mostly for you, hopefully), and make a blog to allow you, the reader, to perhaps learn a little more about yours truly. As the title more or less states, this blog will cover 3 separate lists of my favorite characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, which are male, female, and a mixture of both genders respectively. I bet some of you are wondering why I'd make a third list that has characters of both genders when I'm already going to make 2 separate lists for them already. Allow me to clarify this in a way that hopefully makes sense: The third list is going to cover who my favorite characters in the entire Sonic franchise are overall regardless which gender they belong to, so that means that a character who wins first place in either gender lists may not be my favorite character overall and therefore will not make it to the number 1 spot on the third list. If anything, the first 2 lists will just show the candidates who will appear in the third and final one ahead of time. I'd also like to let you know that the third list will use a total of 15 characters instead of 10, which is what I'll be using for the first 2. The reason for this is because I want to even things up a bit and relieve myself of additional strain when choosing who I want to put in the third list. Also, this list will include characters from different continuities besides the games since I like more than just that media in the Sonic Franchise. So now that this info has now been relayed to you, the reader, let's get this show on the road then, shall we? I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

On a final note, I'd like you, the reader, to be well-informed of the fact that this blog merely states my personal opinions on the subject matter at hand, and because of that I'd like you to take no personal offense to anything I might say that rubs you off the wrong way for whatever reason. I'd also appreciate it if you don't come on here telling me that I should put certain characters higher/lower on my lists if you've felt I've placed them too high/low for your personal tastes, and don't come on here to just be a jerk.

Top 10 Favorite Males

#10: Knuckles the Echidna

Oh, Knuckles... A fan favorite in the series. Known well for his strength and gullibility, Knuckles has a special place in the hearts of many Sonic fans alike, including me. I generally like Knuckles for his backstories in all the continuities I've seen him in, and his gullible personality in most of said continuities often makes me shake my head in pity at him (make no mistake, this is actually a good thing). You'd think that with all the times he's been fooled by Eggman and many other enemies that he'd wise up considerably, but that doesn't usually seem to be the case. But alas, this is one of the qualities that I actually like about him since this, IMO, makes him a good occasional comic relief character when he finds out he's been duped by an obvious lie. Overall, he's a good character and knows how to dish out the hurt when he has to, and I hope we don't ever see this lonely b****** go for whatever reason. I really don't have much else to say on Knuckles, so I suppose I'll move on.

#9: Mammoth Mogul

A sinister character indeed, although I like several other villains more than this old guy. Mammoth Mogul is an important character in the Archie Sonic lore, having a pivotal role for over ten thousand years in said comics. His knowledge and power is vast, especially in the latter case when he has a Chaos Emerald at hand, and while he has quite the ego at times he's a serious threat nonetheless. I like Mogul because to me he has a very interesting personality and aura about him, and keeping in mind that he's been alive for thousands of years in the comics, there's tons of possibilities as to how his actions have influenced the comic as a whole. He essentially brings more potential history in the comics, and seeing as how I love learning about said history I see Mogul as a key to gain more knowledge on the lore and cultures that are either currently presented or have yet to be presented in the Archie comics. There's plenty more I can say about him, but I fear that if I do I'll end up carrying on much longer than I need to, so I feel that it's best that I keep my opinion on Mogul as short as possible.

#8: Nack the Weasel

Note: Since there isn't much info on this character outside the Archie continuity, and I don't know much about him in the Sonic the Comic continuity, I'll simply talk about the Archie version of this character. So those of you who despise Archie with a burning passion for whatever reason, feel free to skip out on this part of the blog and move on to another character on the list if you wish.

Nack is a pretty fun character for me. I like his accent, his skills and his character overall. He's not tied to any particular organization and prefers to do things his own way, acting as a kind of mercenary and putting his skills to work for the highest bidder, and since he also provides some comic relief on his own on occasion he's often very entertaining to me whenever he makes an appearance. I also find it interesting that he's good enough to actually snipe Sonic on a couple of occasions despite his legendary speed, so while Nack doesn't have any notable skills outside of marksmanship this skills in this area more than make up for it. Although he doesn't appear too often I feel that it actually works for him, so as much as I like him I don't miss him too much whenever he doesn't make an appearance for a while. Nack may not be as sinister or threatening as other villains I'm a fan of in the Sonic series, he's indeed capable of holding out on his own and making himself stand out amongst the crowd.

#7: Scourge the Hedgehog

Scourge the Hedgehog is basically, in a way, the Anti-Sonic in the Archie Sonic comics. Sonic's evil double, having all the skills and wits as everyone's favorite Blue Hedgehog and coming from a world that, too, is basically an anti version of Sonic home world "Mobius". I bet some people who hear this basic summary about the character instantly get turned off and dismiss him as a completely boring and unoriginal character. I disagree. If people can look past Scourge's basic origins and character summary, they can find that he's far more than just an evil Sonic clone. Ever since he absorbed power from the Master Emerald and inverted his colors from blue to green and during a particular conflict with Sonic the Hedgehog, Scourge has been determined to make himself something more than just an evil duplicate of Sonic, and has gone to great lengths to try and prove it. Examples include conquering his home world and crowning himself its king while trying to also start a multiversal conquest to conquer other universes as well, keeping his name "Scourge" instead of "Anti-Sonic" (the name he was previously known by before absorbing power from the Master Emerald) in order to distinguish his namesake from Sonic's, reshape several aspects about his character through his actions in order to differentiate himself further from Sonic as much as possible (basically taking the mentality of "If I prove myself stronger and more worthy than my opponents, including Sonic himself, then I'm better than Sonic"), and even renaming his homeworld and various residents (mainly his former teammates) in order to show that not only he but his whole world is better than Sonic's. Although his plans post Master Emerald had failed and he was imprisoned and beaten to a mental pulp, he soon got back on his feet thanks to his girlfriend Fiona Fox and is more determined than ever to resume with his plans and prove himself. So basically, I like Scourge for the fact that he's fiercely determined in his goals and has more or less succeeded in proving himself that he is not simply an evil Sonic clone. I would also like to note that his backstory, despite having yet to be fully flushed out, is also interesting and tragic to an extent, showing the possibility that Scourge may have not started out evil but instead became that way through neglect by his family and possibly other unknown means.

#6: Doctor Finitevus

Now here is a sinister character. A young genius of the Echidna race, he originally started out as a typical scientist. However, during an accident while trying to relinquish Chaos Knuckles of his powers, he ended up absorbing the negative energies of the Chaos Energy into himself instead of the suit he was using to drain Chaos Knuckles, permanently altering his physical appearance into that of what appears to be an albino echidna. However, his sanity was affected in a negative way as well, and soon after the accident and escaping Echidnaopolis and leading the Eggman Empire to destroy said city and most of its residents, Dr. Finitevus began a genocidal conquest to purify Mobius in a wave of fire, in order to purify the world of the evils that infest it, feeling that Mobius as a whole was beyond saving. Apathetic towards everyone else’s well-being , willing to leave his allies to their deaths if he no longer finds them useful/finds them to be a nuisance, more than willing to kill anyone who stands in his way or are his targets for whatever scheme he's cooked up, determined to see his plans through, filled with a truly psychotic hatred for everything in the world, armed with an arsenal of Warp Rings and various other gadgets and possessing a genius intellect that rivals even that or Rotor, Tails and even supposedly Eggman, Dr. Finitevus is a force to be reckoned with. I like Finitevus because he's a truly evil character who's convinced he's doing good and cannot seem to even grasp the concept of compassion and love, making him very depraved, one of the key traits in the kinds of villains I like most. However, I feel that we have yet to even see the full extent of Finitevus' abilities and schemes, and because of that I'm left with a constant feeling of wondering just how far will this villain sink in order to accomplish his goals, and how much misery will he cause as a result.

#5: Mephiles the Dark

Despite appearing in a game that's bashed by fans and critics alike to no end, I feel that Mephiles is a very interesting character. Although I will admit that I feel disappointed in his combat abilities, his personality makes up for his shortcomings. Like Finitevus, Mephiles' overall goal is to destroy the world as we know it, only he wants to do much more than that. He wants to destroy not just Sonic's world, or the universe, but all of time and space. If that wasn't enough to impress me, his reasons for doing so did: As Shadow points out, Mephiles doesn't want to destroy all of existence not because he felt wronged by anything but rather because he craves destruction. Mephiles also appears to be very cunning and intelligent; being a skilled manipulator, having at least 2 characters convinced for a time that they had to kill Sonic in order to save a specific timeline from destruction, and this is only one example. It should also be noted that he's (to my knowledge) the only character in any Sonic continuity to actually succeed in killing Sonic, something that even Eggman has spent years trying to do only to fail with each attempt (although Mephiles probably loses points for not killing Sonic in actual combat). I also like his combat form (you know, the one that makes him seem almost crystal-like?) and his powers/abilities, even though we didn't get to see the latter much. To me, Mephiles is in a way basically an improvement of what I liked about Finitevus, focusing on a much bigger goal and almost succeeding in accomplishing it and having no noble reason for doing the things he does whatsoever. If there's one kind of villain I like the most, it’s the ones that are depraved of just about all redeemable/good qualities and are very cunning, manipulative monsters. However, Mephiles loses points for not being a serious threat in combat. Also, his boss themes are bomb.

#4: Silver the Hedgehog

Like Mephiles before him, Silver also debuted in a game that gets bashed like there's no tomorrow (in fact, its the same one that Memphites debuts in). The only thing I don't really like too much about him is his original voice, since it sounded a bit naisely and somewhat hindered his ability to sound like an actual teenager. Besides that, I actually like Silver because he flushes out more possibilities for the game universe of Sonic the Hedgehog, although I can't help but wonder if we'll actually see more of what Silver can bring to the table since he hasn't had an actual role in a story for a while now... I also like him because he's one of the few hero characters in the game continuity that I've seen that's willing to actually kill someone in order to save an entire world from assured destruction, despite having reasonable doubts about doing so and being willing to bear the guilt of taking another person's life if that's what it took to protect it all. I feel that there are very few characters in the games that’re willing to go to that great a length in order to save the lives of countless others and ensure a better tomorrow, and as a result he helps adds another flavor of hero to the Sonic series. Although I will be honest I actually prefer his Archie counterpart more than his game counterpart because I feel Archie is doing a better job of flushing out his character than what Sonic Team is doing, making him one of my favorite characters in the Archie comics. I could go on about why I like Archie Silver more than Sonic Team Silver, but again, I don't want to ramble on more than I have to, so let's move on.

#3: Sonic the Hedgehog

I feel that I don't really need to explain much on this one, since I'm sure most of you know about Sonic's key character traits pretty well. Sonic, the blue blur... the fastest thing alive... the chili dog addict... A simple, pure hero in every aspect, and the image of cool in the eyes of many around the world. I like Sonic because of his easy-going, sarcastic nature, and also because he knows full-well when to get serious and when he does, watch out. His speed and abilities, coupled with his wits, make him a force to be reckoned with, having only been defeated in combat on rare occasions. However, even if he does lose, should he survive he usually comes back stronger and more often than not defeats these opponents on the second try, always coming out on top in the very end. However, despite being the big hero in the Sonic franchise and overall a very likeable character, I can't help but feel that he's a tad bit overrated when compared to other characters. Believe me, I really do like Sonic and his overall character, but I feel that there's several other characters that are just as heroic as him if not more that are, at least, just as worthy of recognition as Sonic is but they often get overshadowed simply because Sonic is Sonic. In a way I kinda feel it’s a bit unfair, even though I can understand the circumstances of why he gets all the praise that he does when compared to other characters in the franchise. But regardless of this, I know I'm always going to like Sonic, and in my eyes he'll always be a memorable character (even if the majority of his retarded fanbase does him in somehow, or something else entirely).

#2:Shadow the Hedgehog

Like several other characters I've mentioned in this list, Shadow has brought more to the table of the Sonic franchise when he debuted in the series, and the game he debuted in (Sonic Adventure 2) is one of the most critically acclaimed Sonic games of all time. While not quite as fast as Sonic (IMO), Shadow's abilities with Chaos Control more than make up for it. Being the first character in the Sonic games to have a truly tragic backstory (to my knowledge, anyway) and being both a living weapon and a supposed cure for a fatal disease, Shadow truly stood out from the rest of the Sonic cast by the time of his appearance, and also acting as a "base breaker" of sorts for the Sonic fanbase. Some view this dark character both as very interesting and unique in the Sonic franchise, or a Sonic clone. Basically, for most it was either love or hate the guy. To me, Shadow is a unique character in the Sonic series, being one of the more truly dark and multi-layered characters in the whole cast instead of being simple and easy to understand like most other Sonic characters. The guy has many abilities and knows how to use them, and they make him quite a challenge for most when facing him in combat. He's also one of the few characters in the series to have strong character development, something I truly like in characters. I pretty much like him in all Sonic continuities he's presented himself in, as I feel that that the way he's portrayed in each of them fitting in their own way. One thing that's truly controversial about Shadow is his revival in Sonic Heroes. Some people felt that he should've stayed dead at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, while others felt joyed to see him return and become a regular character in the franchise. I personally don't really care much about him being revived, and instead prefer to focus on his roles post Sonic Adventure 2 and accept things as they are (that he's here to stay whether some of us like it or not) and try to make the best of it. Overall, I find Shadow very interesting and likable in his own way, and I hope he continues to stick around for a long time (and hopefully continue to show that not all heroes need to be larger than life [and by that I mean having no negative qualities] in order to be successful, unlike some Hedgehogs out there...).

#1: Robotnik/Eggman

Yes, for the number 1 spot on this list I've chosen Eggman. Like Sonic, I feel I don't need to explain much as to why I like him, and possibly why he's on the top of this list. Eggman is a true genius, there's no arguing about that, although his ego and tendency to underestimate his opponents and overlook things which inevitably make just about all his plans fail... makes him lose points IMO. I don't really care much about whether he's called Robotnik or Eggman, since I feel that both names work for him in their own way, nor do I care about whether or not he's portrayed as a very serious threat or a comic relief character of sorts. IMO, both types of portrayals work well for him, and I know it’s possible to mix them both and create a kind of universal Eggman that could apply to fans who like either portrayal of him. Eggman never knows when to give up and always comes back for more, and he's got enough intellect to cook up one scheme after another, and has vast resources which he uses to build his countless weapons, robots and fortresses. He's the constant thorn in everyones' sides, a stubborn virus that constantly mutates in order to propagate himself. Even as a comic relief character, it’s almost never a good idea to underestimate this guy, as he has a tendency to catch you off guard and quickly put you in a situation where you're completely at his mercy. There's lots of praising things I can say about Eggman (examples being that he makes me laugh as a comic relief character, and that I find him very sinister as an obviously less-comical relief character), but alas, I don't think I need to repeat myself.

And now I wish I could change the title of this blog to a more appropriate name. Oh well. Here's my top 10 list of favorite female characters:

Top 10 Favorite Females

#10: Rosy the Rascal

Some of you may recognize this name as the original name of Amy Rose before her redesign in Sonic Adventure. However, the Rosy I'm going to talk about briefly and the Amy Rose you might be thinking about aren't quite the same character. Like Scourge the Hedgehog, Rosy the Rascal is basically the Anti-Amy of Mobius' Amy Rose, and as one might expect from "Moebius" (the name of the world where Scourge and Rosy are native to), Rosy is pretty much the exact opposite of Amy Rose and can therefore be simply written off by most as an evil duplicate of Amy. This... isn't exactly the case with Rosy. Like Amy, she's hammer crazy and has romantic feelings for a Sonic-like figure (namely, Scourge) and stalks said figure, but all similarities end there. I can think of only one simple way to describe Rosy's personality: She's bat-s*** insane. She doesn't just love Scourge, she's obsessed with him (like, literally obsessed. Far beyond what Amy shows for Sonic). She doesn't want to marry Scourge one day; she wants to smash him with her spiked hammer. She not only looks like Amy before her Sonic Adventure redesign, that creepy smile and look in her eyes almost make her look like a completely different character. Despite only appearing in a few issues in the Archie Sonic comics, she caused absolute chaos for everybody around her, heroes and villains alike, most of which were terrified of her. And don't get me started on the songs she sings... The reason why I like her is simple: Her insanity amuses me, especially when it scares the crap out of other characters. Do I really need to have any other reasons besides that?

#9: Cosmo the Seedrian

A Sonic X exclusive character, Cosmo makes her first and only appearance throughout the duration of season 3 of said show. Originally living a peaceful life with her family on a galactic vessel, the Meterex eventually locate her and the survivors of her homeworld and kill all but Cosmo herself. Cosmo was then unwittingly implanted with a transmitter by the Meterex inside her brain, before traveling to Sonic's world in hopes of acquiring help with stopping the Meterex from destroying the galaxy. It should also be noted that throughout her adventure, she develops a romance with Tails, finally helping Tails get some well-deserved tail Cosmo, like Cream, is a simple and innocent character, although in contrast with Cream's easygoing and somewhat energetic personality, Cosmo is timid, quiet and reserved, although she usually displays altruistic qualities whenever she feels she's able to. I can't really think of any reason to hate her. I don't think she's "useless" because she actively tries to help out whenever she can, and despite not having any notable combat abilities she has other talents that prove useful to Sonic and the gang (examples including her ability to communicate with plant life and being able to read a certain language none of the rest of the gang can), and she most certainly isn't a complete coward. I also find it cute whenever she gets embarrassed by something or if her clumsiness ends up causing her to get hurt somehow (not lethally, of course, otherwise I give you permission to call me a sadistic b******). I also dare someone to tell me right in my face that she isn't as noble as the other characters, despite constantly putting herself in danger in order to protect those she cares about and even sacrificing her life at the end of season 3. Again, I have no reason to dislike Cosmo and I found her to be a very likeable character despite appearing in only one Sonic media for a short time, but unfortunately as much as I like her I have plenty of other characters I like more than her.

#8: Lara-Su

Lara-Su is a character who appears in the Mobius: X Years Later stories of the Archie Sonic comics, and is the child of Knuckles the Echidna and Juli-Su. She is the current guardian of her generation, and is typically in charge of looking after King Sonic and Queen Sally's children Sonia and Manic, acting as their baby-sitter (a job she often enjoys despite the children being a handful for her). She's also a member of the Freedom Fighter group of her era, established at the end of the events of Mobius: 30 Years Later and is involved with the Chaotix. Despite being something of a cliché for some because of being a descendant of a main character in a future story, I find Lara-Su to be a surprisingly believable and likeable character. She doesn't act like a stereotypical teenage girl for one thing, experiences character growth throughout nearly all the stories she's appeared in, is determined to do what is right for the greater good like many of the other heroes, and is a decent fighter, being able to hold her own in a fight against King Shadow and even defeating him. Like Cosmo, I can't really think of any reason to dislike her (some might dislike her for her teenage qualities, but my argument is that she has those qualities because it makes her more realistic and believable) and I like her personality overall. Because of her personality, she's able to provide me with entertainment in more ways than one, whether it be acting cool and serious in a dangerous situation, or being silly and witty while baby-sitting Sonia and Manic. Her temper is also worthy of mention because, like her father before her, it often makes her more threatening even if other characters she's glaring at don't think so. Although whether or not the people on the receiving end actually learn not to push her buttons or not is pretty much anyone's guess. I think it’s also worthy of mention that she has a counterpart in another universe (not Moebius) who, while having some similarities to the Lara-Su I've named in this blog, has a unique personality of her own that isn't evil in the slightest. However, that Lara-Su is a different character entirely, but despite that it just goes to show, to me at least, that Lara-Su can come in multiple likeable flavors.

#7: Julie-Su

I find it kinda odd how I seem to generally like many of the female characters in the Sonic series more than the males... But despite these feelings, that doesn't change how I feel about Julie-Su. Julie-Su is Knuckles the Echidna's girlfriend in the Archie Sonic comics, having become smitten with him due to a phenomena known to the Echidna race as the "Soul Touch" (which is basically similar to a love-at-first-sight kind of thing, albeit actually being accurate about finding the soul-mate of said Echidnas). She initially was a member of the Dark Legion, an organization of Echidna's that worship technology and science that plotted to dominate Echidna culture and liberate control of the world from the other Mobian species, whom they considered inferior to them in every way. However, after several conflicts with Knuckles and the Chaotix, and due to her own uncertainties about the organization she served throughout her childhood, she eventually left the Dark Legion and joined the Chaotix, becoming a pivotal member of said team and cementing her romance with Knuckles. Julie-Su is a very brave, noble character who's able to keep a cool and rational head in even the most chaotic of situations. She often acts as a voice of reason towards the Chaotix's leader Knuckles, and also serves as a scout/infantryman and informant to the Chaotix and other groups regarding her knowledge on the Dark Legion. She doesn't ever seem to cower in the face of danger, and her love for her life-partner Knuckles makes her already impressive bravery even fiercer, especially when the former's life is in mortal peril. Speaking of her romance with Knuckles, let it never be said that she was ever unloyal to him. She was even willing to sacrifice her own life in order to prevent Knuckles from suffering when he was temporarily brainwashed as Enerjak by Dr. Finitevus, not showing any hesitation whatsoever. If you ask me, that is true love right there. As for her combat abilities, she's an average fighter at best, although it should be noted that she has the training of a soldier due to her training by the Dark Legion. Overall, Lara-Su is one of my favorite characters in the Archie comics. I don't really have much else to say beyond what was already said.

#5: Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette

Bunnie Rabbot has been a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters ever since some of the team's earliest adventures. A Mobian/Robot hybrid, Bunnie is well known by many for her strength and flight abilities, which make her a valuable asset in combat. Bunnie also has a noble spirit about her and hardly ever cowers in the face of danger, and she also has an easygoing and colorful personality whenever outside of combat, always spiritually reassuring her allies whenever needed. She's also married to Antoine D'Coolette, having a strong and emotional relationship with her husband that's comparable to the relationship between Knuckles and Juli-Su (that should explain much). I don't have a whole lot to say about why I like Bunnie other than the fact that I simply like her personality and the drama/occasional humor she brings into the comic (she's especially amusing to watch during her interactions with Sonic). Recently due to several circumstances, she's lost her robotic limbs in the comics, and despite her desire to help her comrades being unwavered, her abilities in combat have dropped considerably. This leaves me curious as to how she's going to adjust to this sudden change and what kinds of character development I might see within future issues of the comics.

#4: Rouge the Bat

Another fan favorite character in the series, Rouge the Bat is a treasure thief and a part-time G.U.N. agent who works alongside Shadow the Hedgehog and E-123 Omega as a part of "Team Dark". She's also well-known for her physical appearance and seductive personality, acting as a controversial character in a franchise that prides itself on having children as its target audience. Rouge is a skilled fighter and flier, being able to hold her own against many opponents and is able to improvise or find a means of escape when she realizes that she's facing someone she can't beat. She's also quite greedy, having a kind of lust for jewels and as a result makes her seem as a selfish character most of the time (although this is indeed true), but it should also be noted that she is indeed capable of showing heroic traits once in a while and showing genuine compassion and concern over others. However, because of this and her objectives as a thief and G.U.N. agent, I can't help but think of her as Two-Faced, not having a set personality to pin down, although this actually works in her favor (IMO) since it help makes her off to be something of an enigma. Let it never be said that Rouge wouldn't take s*** from anybody unless she absolutely has to, and as a result pushing her buttons almost never ends well for others, and she's capable of holding grudges. The only real problem I have with Rouge is that sometimes I can't really seem to figure her out, even though, as I stated previously, this actually works in her favor somewhat. But for the most part I like Rouge, and I hope she continues to stick around for a long time. On a side note, I would like to stress to some that Rouge is NOT a s***, because she's not trying to sleep with anybody, and she has curves because she's reaching adulthood through puberty, something that even you go through when you reach a certain age. It’s the facts of life, people.

#3: Sally Acorn

Sally Acorn is a princess in the SatAM/Archie continuity, and acts as a love interest for Sonic in both continuities. She's also the leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and has dedicated her life to restoring peace and order to Mobius when Robotnik took it all over and ruined the lives of many, including her own. IMO, Sally is one of the more noble characters in the Sonic franchise, never cowering in the face of danger (are we sensing a pattern here?) and she's a brilliant tactician, always able to come up with a plan to surpass any danger in even the most critical of times. I also find her personality enjoyable because I find it to be very realistic for her considering her background and all that she and her loved ones have been through, and I find that she's a good balancer for Sonic, which makes sense to me considering their romances and the fact that they've been friends ever since early childhood. I understand that a lot of people just flat out hate Sally because, A) She's a conflicting love interest in the eyes of SonAmy fanatics, B) She has had multiple relationships with several characters and, C) She's viewed as something of a b****, especially towards Sonic... I'd like to clarify some things: I find it very immature and single-minded to completely hate a character just because she's a person in a couple that you don't support, because I feel that you gotta have more legit reasons than that to dislike or even hate a character. And her having multiple relationships with other characters? Considering her life's circumstances and the responsibilities she has that force her to do certain things that inevitably make her interact with other people, especially when she's under stress, and the fact that her relationship with Sonic was more or less over for a while, can you really blame her? To me this is probably how I would react if I were going through all the crap she's gone through, because even I need comfort every once in a while and I can't tell how far that can go. And as for her attitude towards Sonic... I'm sorry, you can disagree with me all you like, but she had to be a b**** to Sonic, because the Sonic that is portrayed in the SatAM/Archie continuities is much more cocky than he is in the games. Often times Sonic ends up causing serious trouble for her and many others whenever he gets too caught up in his antics in dangerous situations and the only way she can get through his thick skull is to act like that towards him, he's that cocky. Anyway, rant aside, I see no justifiable reason to dislike Sally, and let it never be said that she was never a truly noble character, especially if you take her recent sacrifice into account. As much as I like Amy, I like Sally more and I feel that she's a very important character in the continuities she's a big part of. All I can do is pray that she'll be rescued and returned to normal, so she and the rest of the heroes can have something of a happy ending.

#2: Nicole

Nicole the Lynx was originally a highly advanced handheld device that was made in an alternate future and sent back into the past, where she was discovered by Sally one night while examining her crash land nearby. Nicole quickly became a valuable asset to the Freedom Fighters, helping them with her various abilities which included hacking, environmental scanning, and threat assessment. However, overtime, when Nicole was temporarily in Sally's body due to a certain incident, she felt for the first time actual emotions, which greatly affected her. Soon after, she sought to better herself and become more "Mobian" like her friends, and began learning how to communicate and act like an actual person while her emotions began to develop. She even fashioned herself a holographic/digital body shaped out to be a Mobian Lynx with a purple toga in order to help her come closer to her goal of becoming more Mobian. I really like Nicole because I feel that she's come a very long way from originally being a mere program. To me she's the walking definition of good character development, and I really enjoy what kind of person she's evolving into in the Archie comics. She's also a character I've known about ever since I started reading the Archie comics (which I started at issue #193 during the winter season), so she's basically someone who's been there since the beginning for me. I seriously can't think of any reason to dislike her whatsoever. I love her current personality as it makes me feel that she's a real (by real I mean multi-layered and believable) character, and considering all the crap she's going through right now (being feared by the people she's sworn to protect due to the Iron Queen mind-controlling her, losing her close friend Sally and being exiled from her home of Mobotropolis) I seriously can't help but feel sorry for her. I seriously hope that Archie doesn't kill her off anytime soon for whatever reason, because I've only known this character for a few years and personally I feel that isn't enough time to spend with a character. I strongly believe there's much more that can be done with her, and I certainly hope that she's used for a good long while longer before the inevitable end of the Archie comics. Like Bunnie, Nicole has been in the comics since its earliest issues, and considering her recent character development over the years I feel that many doors have been opened and should be explored with her, instead of letting her go to waste just when she's about to reach her prime. Heck, I like Nicole so much that I even made one of my favorite fan characters as a homage to her (in terms of physical appearance, at least. Maybe more, but IDK. Their personalities are almost completely different, having only a very small amount of similarities at best). Go ahead and laugh and call me "unoriginal" if you wish (seriously, what is completely original these days anyway?), but if you ask me this just goes to show how attached I am to Nicole.

#1: Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat... I've chosen her as #1 not just because of how much I like her personality and abilities, not just because of her backstory and status, not because of her courage and other commendable traits, but because she was/is such a surprising reflection of myself... The first ever Sonic game I've ever bought and own is Sonic Rush for the DS. Before I got that game I didn't think of Sonic in a positive light much (that it was too kiddy for me and whatnot), but thanks to a friend I know in real life who's also a big fan of Sonic I decided to buy Sonic Rush one day when I eventually chose it over a Guitar Hero game. When I got used to the gameplay of Sonic Rush, I was instantly hooked, amazed at how great a time I was having on that wonderful game. As if the gameplay wasn't enough, I also took time to grow attached to the story and characters. The story was simple, as were the characters (as I more or less expected), but one character in particular stood out from the rest of the game's cast far more than I thought she would: Blaze the Cat. Not only did I find her backstory to be interesting, and her gameplay fun, I ended up seeing a lot of myself in her personality. Her determination to accomplish her goals, her anti-socialness, her cautious attitude towards strangers, and her initial beliefs of having to bear great burdens on her shoulders alone... I seriously couldn't help but get attached to her very quickly. I still am surprised to this day that I found a character in a Sonic game whom I could seriously relate to, and on the first Sonic game I bought no less... IMO, Blaze kicks @$$. That's about as simple as I can describe how I view her. She's a princess who actually does her own battles, is willing to go to just about any length in order to protect her world, people and loved ones, has pyrokinesis and impressive speed/strength, is wise for her age, and the few times she brings comic relief I really couldn't help but chuckle (whenever she showed her fear of heights in the Rush games, I found it impossible not to smile.). She's generally very serious, but she knows when to relax when around allies and she's normally quite polite (another thing she and I share in common). My only big beef with Blaze is the controversy regarding her two separate backstories in the games. I'll admit that I'm one of the fans who feels that she's from the Sol Dimension because there's plenty of evidence (IMO) that shows that she didn't originally come from another world and timeline, but I find the whole situation regarding her origins to be absolutely ridiculous. By the time Sonic Generations came out and I learned that the game was using her Rush backstory, I was really hopeful that this issue would be finally laid to rest... only for the writers of the game to put in a little Easter egg in the form of a line said by Blaze herself during gameplay that basically says and quote, "I never thought I'd be in Crisis City again...". So basically, the writers f***** up big time and added even more confusion to Blaze's origins, which inevitably p***** me off. But I eventually got over it (mostly...). I strongly feel that Blaze is due for a pivotal role in a story in a Sonic game, since it’s been years since she's had one (Percival doesn't count because she's not the Blaze the Cat we're all familiar with. But even so, it was better than nothing I suppose...), so I hope she gets one sometime in the near future. I'll be honest, if SEGA decided to can her for whatever reason and have her eliminated in all Sonic continuities, I'll be very upset. Anyway, since I'm this fond of her, I hope Blaze will continue to stick around for a long, long time.

Top 15 Favorite Characters Overall

For the sake of convenience, I'm simply going to list most of the characters that appear on this list, otherwise I'd have to more or less make repeats of summaries I've already written and make the whole thing sound repetitive. The final 3 will have summaries as to why they're the top 3, though. Anyway, enjoy.

#15: Knuckles the Echidna

#14: Rosy the Rascal

#13: Nack the Weasel

#12: Scourge the Hedgehog

#11: Lara-Su

#10: Doctor Finitevus

#9: Mephiles the Dark

#8: Juli-Su

#7: Sonic the Hedgehog

#6: Rouge the Bat

#5: Sally Acorn

#4: Shadow the Hedgehog

#3: Robotnik/Eggman

Eggman... The reason for him being number 3 is simple for me to explain: He appears in all Sonic continuities, and in each one he is different and unique, and I feel he works really well as both a comedic villain and a truly evil and dangerous one. He truly stands out wherever we see him, IMO, and as much as I like other characters Robotnik has a special place in my heart simply because he's awesome.

#2: Nicole

If you didn't think I was fond of Nicole before, after reading my summary for her on the Favorite Females list, maybe this would convince you? The reason she's number 2 is, surprisingly (IMO), a little hard for me to explain. Sometimes even I wonder how I've grown so attached to this character. I'm not complaining too much though, since I feel that this is where Nicole belongs. Curse me and my confuzzling logic and emotions.

#1: Blaze the Cat

Does this surprise anyone? Me choosing Blaze as number 1? Blaze is like Nicole to me in terms of my whole involvement with the Sonic franchise in general: She was there since the beginning for me. Heck, I found her more interesting than Sonic by a longshot when I first played Sonic Rush. And like I stated in my Favorite Females list, Blaze has a special place in my heart because I found her to be surprisingly relatable to me at the time I was introduced to her several years ago, and even now my feelings about her haven't changed in the slightest. She's always the character I pay the most attention to in any Sonic continuity I've affiliated myself with, and it’s always fun watching her interact with other characters, especially if her generally serious demeanor contrasts with characters who're happy and upbeat. Who couldn't crack a grin at seeing her visibly annoyed?

Well guys, here you have it. I sincerely hope that this blog was a good read to you, if you decided to bear through the entire thing. I don't know if I'll make a blog of least favorite characters, since there isn't really a fair number of characters I can think of that I have any serious ill will towards, so it probably wouldn't be a good idea if I did simply because of that reason. Anyway, feel free to comment.