Today is March 17th. Which is St Patrick's Day, and also my wikiversery. Well, I'll make this like Blue's wikiversery blog and have my wiki history.


Before Joining

I first heard of this wiki back in early 2010, I forget exactly how. Though I didn't really read many pages until late 2010, before Sonic Colors released. I didn't make an account until December 8th 2011. Not sure why I didn't come here until 2012.

My first wonderful edit of wonderfullness

My first edit, oh, it was just so great, it was a blog comment, that said "LOL". Can't you just feel the imapct? And the best part is that the blog was made by a sock puppet. After I made that comment I started coming here much more often. I mainly made blog comments, but eventully I made 50 mainspace edits (I had over 300 edits in total before I got 50 mainspace) I started coming to chat.

Early chat days

On my first day on chat I met quite a few people. I only remember three people specifically fthough I know I met more, Speedy, Mew, and Metal. Later that day, pretty much nighttime, when no mod was on, there was an underedit who came on who refused to leave, and he linked the chat on another chat (I assume the MLP wiki chat), and a bunch of other underedits came on. One of those underedits was FoodBandIt, someone of whom many of you know today as the person who added quite a few things to the chat, such as underedit lockout coding (doesn't work all of the time, but for the most part it works), and most receantly (Like, the day before yesterday?) the AFK button. Though that underedit thing was the first thing that made me want to become a chat moderator.

Making the nomination

The next month or so went reletivly uneventful, but then something happened. Something that happened that I really can't beleave happened. Something that was more or less my fault. One day the chat wasn't working, so we went to another offsite chat that one can change their name on, Metal changed his name to a name of someone I won't say due to it possibly feeding trolls. Do you know what I did? I thought it was really that person, and contacted three admins, then I found out it was a joke. Which then lead to Metal being demoted from being a chat moderator, all because I overreacted. So Metal, if you are reading this, though I doubt you will due to receant events, I apoligize that that. Now, you might be thinking, how does any of that relate to a nomination? That was a demotion. To that, I would say, it has a lot. When the demotion nomination thing was going on, a few admins were talking about the lack of chat moderators or something, and then I said I would like to become one, but I wasn't on the wiki that long, but then one of the admins, known as DarkFuture AKA DF, said that time didn't matter that much for becoming a chat moderator or something like that (I don't remember these events all that well. XP), then for the next couple weeks I had help from DF to make the nomination. He mainly said what kind of things I should probably mention, but I wrote it myself, and the finished product isn't exactly the best nomination out there. Just take a look:

"I want to become mod to help the chat and I am on chat almost all the time so I can do so. A lot of times underedit users came on chat and would not leave such as one time a guy came on and said he would not go until he was banned so he stayed on for around a half hour before a mod came on. Another time someone came on chat and was saying whoever made the 100 edits and 50 mainspace edits rule was dumb (Thus, saying a lot of people are dumb) and was calling the people on chat snitches since we were gonna report her to a mod." Wow, could I write a worse nomination? Those are times, a mod was needed, not why I myself should become one, and just look at my grammar. And somehow the nomination succeeded. I don't really like how I became one because not only was the nomination kinda bad, but I got it pretty much because Metal was demoted, which was caused by me overreacting. Though I'm glad I became one.

Now, I could talk about something that happened between me and Pac, but I'm not sure if he'd like it if I added in here.

Two week mass nomination and becoming a rollback

A Month later, I was talking with Kyle (yeah, I used to have friendly conversations with Kyle. Hard to imagine that due to my actions months later, but I'm getting way ahead of myself), and I asked him if I should run for rollback, I forget his response but he supported it. And he suggested doing it when a lot of other people were going to make nominations for themselfs/other users. So I made the rollback nomination. And it succeded. Oh, and Metal became mod again (though demoted again later, but I'm getting ahead of myself again), Fly became mod and rollback at the same time, Ediskrad (or a username like that, I forget) became rollback, Trak became rollback, and Ultra became rollback. A week later, Free and Kyle became admins and M123 became a 'crat.

About six reletivly uneventful months later, and more or less an apoligy for those actions

Okay, those months weren't really uneventful, they had things that lead to what happend in Janulary. After Kyle became an admin I started to become less and less of a friend of his for some reason, and we started to not get along that well. While I still don't agree with him, on like, pretty much anything, I should've handled it much better. Basically, I assumed a lot of bad faith. I should've cleared it up with him instead of helping making a forum in which I find out was actually meant to be a personal attack over two months later. (And I could bring up the thing on a private chat, but that was a private chat. I don't reall think that really should come up to anything). I apoligize about these actions, especially too Kyle, though he left so he won't read this. But I was actually planning on clearing things up with him on the day he left, perfect timing.

Receant events: Metal's second demotion

Do I really need to talk about this? I mean, everyone knows of this and I assume most are sick of this as well.

My future plans

I plan on in the future to make forums about rules that I don't thing are good, but mainly about unwritten ones (though a forum shouldn't really be needed to be made to get them written). Back in February, I was really thinking about running for admin, which would've been clearly a mistake due to how I acted then. But what about now? Or in a few months? Well, I don't really think I'm ready. I'm not a really good editer, and I need to improve on how I act before I can seariously start thinking about it again. Oh, and there are already a lot of admins, so there wouldn't be much of a point of me becoming one. And overall I think I'm better suited for chat moderator. Other than that, I don't have any plans at the moment.

Anyways, let's hope my second year will be great.