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    Hi Everyone! Its nice to be back on the SNN!

    I figured I'd start out with a blog asking what old Sonic Team game you'd like to see return in 2012. With only one Sonic game due this year(Episode II looks amazing BTW) I think theres a real good chance that we'll see some extra Sonic Team projects this year. Myself? Im rooting either for a new Ristar(Very unlikely, I know.) Or what you might call a "Phantasy Star Offline" Game, I you catch my drift-I cant play laptop is dead...  :( .

    Also, anyone paying attention to this game? It looks wonderfully bizzarre to me...

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    Ive decided to quit the SNN. I cant really feel like Im contributing much to it-

    And Ive found some other stuff thats attracted my attention. So I wish y'all well and a happy New year!(A belated one, anyway)

    Ciao for Now-The Green Hill Traveler.

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    Sonic Unleashed 2?

    December 23, 2011 by GreenHillTraveler

    Yes, I know Colors and Generations are sort of De facto sequels to Unleashed, but how about it?

    Would you like to see a genuine sequel to the game that gave us the Werehog? And what changes would you make to the original?

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    BLOGGER'S NOTE: This blog has no purpose to it whatsoever. Im just running out of stuff to write about.

    10.You actually liked the Sonic X voice crew, and you were crazy about Amy, Charmy, Vector, and Big's voice actors.

    9."I'm sure the folks in Washington, D.C, know what they are doing"(I think that speaks for itself...)

    8. You are convinced that our current President's Birth Is a conspiracyof some kind...

    7.You stocked up on Alien Invasion Survival Kits, because you're sure 2012 is the big one.

    6. You loved Driver: Renegade

    5. You find yourself thinking that Black Doom is the most handsome guy ever

    4.You've been calling every TV network you can think of, trying to convince them that "My little Zombie" will be the next big thing...

    3. Dr. Nebula i…

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    As the countdown to Sonic's Anniversary Title reaches its final month or so, I figured i'd write a little something on the subject. I'll be honest here: Im not as excited about this game as I was a few months ago, and actually would rather write about Kirby's return to Dreamland or Rodea the Sky Soldier. But since were not allowed to write about (A) Other game series (B) Politics (C) Pop Stars or (D) Dr. Nebula's monday night invasion of New Jersey(Dont worry: Him and his army of clones are stuck in a downtown Passaic traffic jam) This seems as good a subject as any. Of course, the fact that the two worst things to happen to modern Sonic series, Ken Pontac and Warren Graff, are writing the plotline are real drags on my attempts to get pump…

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