BLOGGER'S NOTE: This blog has no purpose to it whatsoever. Im just running out of stuff to write about.

10.You actually liked the Sonic X voice crew, and you were crazy about Amy, Charmy, Vector, and Big's voice actors.

9."I'm sure the folks in Washington, D.C, know what they are doing"(I think that speaks for itself...)

8. You are convinced that our current President's Birth Is a conspiracyof some kind...

7.You stocked up on Alien Invasion Survival Kits, because you're sure 2012 is the big one.

6. You loved Driver: Renegade

5. You find yourself thinking that Black Doom is the most handsome guy ever

4.You've been calling every TV network you can think of, trying to convince them that "My little Zombie" will be the next big thing...

3. Dr. Nebula is starting to make alot of sense

2. You voluntarily joined the Fawful fan Club


I decided to leave the last one up to you folks. The idea I like the best will go there, with the user who came up with it credited next to it. My only real rule is no Vulgarity...other than that, knock yourselfs out

UPDATE:Thanks again for all who commented: Heres some exta thoughts on:

. #10: I liked some of the Sonic X voice actors myself(Shadow,Blaze Espio and Knuckles all were OK, IMHO), so dont take that one to personally.

  1. 8: Mr. Obama was NOT born in Kenya, and even if He was, his mummy was American, and didnt seem to give her citizenship up at any time(Heres some further proof he was born in Hawaii, anyway) Thats all Im gonna say on this subject
  1. 4: Would you believe someone actually thought this up? Its not a TV show, but still....

If you have a favorite idea you've seen, leave a comment on the blog. Actually it would be appreciated, as Im having a hard time picking so far. And feel free to leave an Idea of your own. Thanks again!!