I think the weirdest thing about being a Sonic fan is having to deal with what might be called

"The Sonic Haters" I cant honestly say Ive run into any such folks on this wiki, but I have on various sites like GameSpot and 1up. I dont get it-after all....

All joking aside though, I have a comment for the Sonic haters out there: Get a life. Really, There are a ton of video game series out there. Find one you DO like, and leave us alone. Its not cool to ruin other peoples enjoyment just because you dislike the series. I think its also important though, to remember that there is a difference between the Sonic Haters and those who critique the series or games in the series(heck, I did that myself on my blog on Sonic Colors) But the weird thing is how different peoples ideas on what Sonic should be. I blame the comics. and the TV shows. If you look at the games made between 1991-2005, there is unity in style and gameplay concepts by and large. There is a seriousness to the plotline,(even in the original titles) and the gameplay has of course a emphasis on speed, but not above all else. Past 2005, the series has fallen into the various whims of the directors of these titles, and the series lacks some unity (although the unleashed era has improved that some) Its interesting to note that, with the exception of CD(The all time best Sonic game, IMHO) all the classic Sonic games were directed by Hirokazu Yasuhara, and all the early Adventure/Heroes style games were directed by the amazing Takashi Iizuka. But take a look at 2006 and beyond:

Sonic Next Generations: Shun Nakamura Directs

Sonic Unleashed: Yoshihisa Hashimoto Directs

Sonic Colors:Morio Kishimoto Directs

Sonic Generations: Hiroshi Miyamoto Directs

And to me, I think this a problem that Sega should be looking at: Namely, that instead of letting a director develop a style and get solid experience, they let them make one game up and stick someone else in the director's chair. Weird. Really though, this blog is here to ask the question: What do you think are those essential elements that make a Sonic game? Like I said, I think that Sonic CD remains the pinnacle of the series. The great music, the fab gameplay, the serious but not overdone plotline, the Anime opening and closing and of course, Metal Sonic!! And yes, Amy Rose added to the game too, I think. The worst Sonic game? I havent met it yet. Honestly, I like 'em all(Yeah even Colors!) But to close this blog, I would like to offer a example of what I was talking about when I said I didnt like the dialogue on Colors. I remember this one scene where Sonic is face with a Giant robot, and Instead of getting that big grin and lettin' robo boy have it, he justs stands there and blabs, "Giant Monster Robot this, that blah blah blah" Compare this a similiar scene on SA-2(The best 3-D Sonic game even still I think and one of the best reasons to own a GameCube or Dreamcast) When Sonic is faced with the Egg Golem, does he stand around yakkin' at it? Nope, He just goes for it man. And to me thats the True Sonic the Hedgehog. Hes to fast to stand around long enough to blab at Eggman's Robots. He just Squishes 'em(Also, if Sonic had blabbed like that SA-2, lets face it: The EggGolem would have made him Sonic the Pancake. Ouch) Ok Im done. Thanks for reading!