Its hard to remember the last video game that got me as excited as Sonic Generations(especially the PS3/360 version!) Seriously the game just looks awesome. Whats really cool is the Unleashed style hub worlds for Areas that never had anything like that-I mean, a 3d, HD Green Hill Zone area to walk around and explore? Pinch me, I MUST be dreaming! Add a Jun Senoue soundtrack and a serious plotline and we are talking hog heaven here. I'm a bit of a detail geek, so I cant help but wonder who the director for the PS3/360 version is. Just guessing by the fact that plotline is similiar to next generations, I cant help but think that Shun Nakamura is the director, but thats just a guess. Well, Im not sure it matters. Anyway, Is there anything about Generations you'd like to see(or wish wasn't there)? Just drop a line. Really feel free to comment about anything-just keep it kosher folks.