In 2008, GoodFeel studio released the awesome Wario Land: Shake It for Wii. The best part about it? The whole thing is hand drawn!. Of course, two years later they released a nearly as good game called Kirby's Epic Yarn(Not my top Kirby title, but pretty good nonetheless...) I think it would be awesome to see a handrawn 2-d Sonic game along these lines. It should star the 4-some from Sonic and the Black Knight(Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Blaze) Im not sure what it should be named(Im never too good at that kinda thing) but it should feature a Monster at the end, or at least a SuperSonic ending of somekind(The DeathEgg's return maybe?) Oh and Metal Sonic and Fang should return as well. Its seems a bit unlikely considering that SonicTeam seems to prefer 3-D or 2.5D graphics, but I think Sonic's world really looks its best in Anime. Well anyway, I can dream, cant I?