Hey Folks, GHT back from my Summer Home in the Green Hill Zone(By the way, dont ever buy real estate from Fang...) While I was a travelin', this question just kept coming up in my head: What will Sonic Team come up with post Generations? Considering that this title hasnt even come out yet (And I missed the demo...*sobs*) This might seem a bit academic. But inquiring minds want to know! What seems especially cool is the possibilities for a Wii U Sonic Title, or a PS Vita even. My own thought is that Iizuka -san should take the basic framework of the storybook series and work around it, with a nice Sonic Adventure style walk around area to explore and meet and talk to walking anime cliche's(Yeah, Im wanna these kind of gamers...sorry cant help it!) Any ideas for Sonic's future titles? Feel free to comment, but type it in-Im a little hard of hearing