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  • Grungepony

    hey,this is again,my last farewell post,i will continue the blog but i have made up my mind a long time ago about leaving SNN,so goodbye forever....but feel free to read my blog posts and comment i just decided to post this to tell you that it has been a while since i left,it was a while huh? but still,coming back is out of the question and i was just posting to tell how long it was, i will not be missed, (i know) but i will still continue to try my hardest to contribute to this wiki to make it a better place,you can count on that!

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  • Grungepony

    sonic online

    September 14, 2013 by Grungepony

    okay,so i was thinking and you know how you have those downloads when you can talk with friends like free realms and wizard 101? they should make a sonic version, make your own character and play it on various sonic the hedgehog boards like emerald hill.i am suprised that they have not made one yet. now, it would be a profit for sega of they made it and got people to pay for credits that they dont feel like earning themselves on those boards.

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  • Grungepony


    September 12, 2013 by Grungepony

    okay,so here goes nothing, this is my first blog page just now started it, this page is about how the sega corperation of USA should make a new sonic anime and make it better than sonic x and the old school 1990 satam. now both were kind of corny on some accounts but maybe if sega could get their act together they could keep a steady plotline going on a new sonic anime. sonic the hedgehog will live on but as far as the anime it comes and goes so fast and besides they had no plotline. satam had a nice steady plotline but they didnt have a real finale! if you are going to make an epic show to an end like that at least give it an equally epic finale. the sonic anime should be up to sega corps but the fact that they should make a new series wi…

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