In this blog we get to share some interesting fanart of your favorite Sonic characters together,

I'll start this blog with a couple of good ones with one of my all time favorite Sonic characters, Shade the Echidna.

This first one I've already shown in another blog, but I want others who may have missed this one to get a good look at this awesome fanart I've found on deviant art.

Shade the Echidna in Ancient Armor

Shade the Echidna in ancient armor

Also here's some awesome tribal art featuring Shade,

Shade the Echidna Tribal Art

Shade the Echidna Tribal Art Permission to use this art on the blog granted by KatMaz.

You guys have some Sonic character fanart you'd like to share with everyone here?, Go right ahead and share with us the visual wonders,

oh and If you find fanart that you like a lot please don't forget to share It with your friends!  :)