Oh dear God why...

It's been almost a year since I featured Ken's glorious artwork in our humble place of dwelling (Shameless plug to [[1]]). But now, I have not one, but two of these beautiful masterpieces to display. Say goodbye to sanity and sleep as we look at these treasures.
Behold! It's Totally-not-Knuckles! Known as "The Praetorian" in Ken's fanficti-I MEAN ORIGINAL STORY, we see Totally-not-Knuckles hold a derpy blank look on his face as he stares off into the distance. Observe his mechanic eye, a tactic Penders totally hasn't tried before. What could be going on in that echidna's- I MEAN Echyd’nya's head? What could he possibly be contemplating with such obvious intensity?

Part Two
And here we are. I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. This new character is Mykhal Taelor, who apparently isn't a human, but some other species. I don't know why he's in space, and I don't know who he's communicating with. All I know is that this picture is so beautiful that it has transcended the boundaries of man. Bravo Ken Penders, bravo.

Edit: Please note that this is not a personal reflection of my views of Ken Penders and his works and really just intended as comic relief.

Edit 2: Found the full image for Knuckles
Totally Not Knuckles