Sonic Boom is going to be BOOMING with merchandise, far more than we were told. It appears that Tomy, SEGA's partners in this project in the toyline branch will be producing a mass variety of toy types, far more than the original toyline demo shown. The play expierence is going to be more exicting, Licence! Global Magazine's interviewers have said. Appearently, SEGA isn't going to stop at just taking over our gaming consoles, television screens, and toyboxes. They plan on branching Sonic Boom to clothes, publishing, accessories, foods and drinks(!), temporary tattoos, stickers, party goods (including cake), store boutiques, and trading cards. The plan on exploring publishing options with Archie Comics, hinting at an adaptation. Other details from the interview were suggestions that Knuckles is now comic relief, that Sonic has been split into a two tier franchise, with Boom being aimed at younger audiences, but a retro/classic look and style for older fans. So what do you think of the new branches within the series?

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