I haven't find any recent blog about it so, here it is, the newest trailer for Blue Core Studios' "Sonic" fan film :

I personally find it impressive, especially for an indie production! The bots are nicely made (BuzzBombers are a bit too "shiny" though). Eggman, despite the tiny mustache, is recognizable and I like how he looks and sounds. As for Sonic himself, he is... well, he could be better but, the more I watch the trailer the more I think he isn't that bad. The fur color is still dark but not as much as in the first teaser!

Before someone complain about the fur, keep in mind that fil director Eddie Lebron wanted Sonic to be "realistic" because he will run through real-life scenaries and also because he wanted his rendition of the Sonic universe to have its own identity.

As you will see in the trailer, there are elements borrowed from both the source material and the cartoons/comics!

Well. I've nothing more to say. Enjoy and feel free to comment!